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Report: Iverson to Bobcats

Dime Magazine is quoting a source saying Allen Iverson has worked out the details of a contract to join Charlotte.

Congratulations, Iverson.  Your need to be the complete focus of the offense has brought you to a team with no shot.  Somehow, you might think that it's an opportunity to prove you can still be "the man."  But your sulking over the past season and this ridiculous summer of yours has shown the opposite.  It's too much about AI and not enough about the team.

Enjoy Charlotte.

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  • Matt

    Hey, that could mean the Bobcats are letting go of Raymond Felton! He’d be perfect!

  • Bas Rutten Jr.

    No, on both accounts.

  • Andrew

    Well, Iverson kind of IS the man. He’s not the same one he used to be, obviously, but you can’t judge him too harshly for his season in Detroit. That team was (is still?) a trainwreck, and it’s not like AI begged to be in a system that was a pisspoor fit for him. AI may not be the superstar he once was, but it’s ludicrous to me that one of the all-time greats (who can still put up about 18ppg, splitting shots with Rip [seriously, who thought AI would be a good fit on that team?]) was being forced to play off the bench in favor of, who, Rip Hamilton and Rodney Stuckey?! What is this, Green Bay? It seems premature to write off a guy who only 2 years ago was putting up 20+ in the playoffs.
    Even our man Sheed was phoning it in on that awful team. Terrible coaching, awful management.
    Not to mention that you’re really underselling the Bobcats, who were only 4 games out of the playoffs and playing a lot better than AI-less Detroit by the end of the season.
    Now, I’m not saying this makes the Cats contenders or marks The Answer’s glorious comeback, but you can’t honestly tell me that you’d rather have Raja Bell at the 2 than Allen freaking Iverson.