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New episode of “The 8th Seed”

Ain't nothin' goin' on in August in the NBA.  But that doesn't stop blowhards like me from yappin' about it.  Chuck and I did a live, 1-hour show just on the Celtics on Wednesday night.  And just before we did that show, I joined my regular 8th seed crew for another mega-podcast. 

You can check it out on Project Spurs.  It's a good time…We talked about Rashard Lewis being suspended for taking PED's,
international NBA players getting injured in overseas play, the
Timberwolves hiring of Kurt Rambis and played a game of Where's QRich?  My contribution to the Quentin Richardson ball-busting:  forcing him to play this year in a composite jersey of all the teams he was traded for this offseason…
a la Gaylord Perry.  If you're listening at work, beware:  It contains NSFW language.

In addition to me, this month's crew included:
Jeff and Mike from Project Spurs.
Rey Moralde of The No Look Pass and Chronicles of Crotty
Zach Harper of Talk Hoops and Cowbell Kingdom
Jared Wade of Both Teams Played Hard an 8 Points 9 Seconds
Glenn Moore of the Dugout Sports Show

To hear previous episodes of The 8th Seed, just go to

By the way… Jared Wade of Both Teams Played Hard is ranking EVERY NBA logo.  Should be interesting to see where the Celtics logo ranks.  Check it out… it's a nice on-going piece for this time of year.

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  • Cool-now I have something to do during this overnight shift tonight….

  • glad I checked back here-I was looking for it at the 8th and it’s not there yet…thx