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Ray Allen’s sneaker is actually for basketball

Yesterday, we brought you KG's new Chelsea-themed all-blue Addidas (which Chuck later dissed on "The Two Man Game"… more on that in a second).

This is the Air Jordan Elements Ray Allen PE.  It's an actual Celtics-themed basketball sneaker.

More photos… including the "Sugar Ray" custom stitching on the tongue… after the jump.  But first, a reminder that the "The Two Man Game" is now available for download.  Just go to our show page to either listen to, or dowload, last night's show with WEEI's Jess Camerato.  You can also check out past shows if you'd like.

We talked about how Tony Allen will be affected by the arrival of Marquis Daniels… how Big Baby will be struggling to get minutes now that Rasheed Wallace is here (I even brought up the possibility of Baby being traded at some point)… Leon Powe and whether he'll come back to haunt us (huge debate there)… and whether we need to bring in a back up PG now, or wait until later.

Chuck also took the opportunity to diss Leon, KG's sneakers and the city of Portland, Maine. That's our Chuckles… always a ray of sunshine.

Air-jordan-elements-ray-allen-05 Air-jordan-elements-ray-allen-06

Via Osneaker.com

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  • Jon

    What are the vertical symbols on the back all about? I thought it said something at first, then I realized the 1st 3 symbols and the last 3 are the same but the last 3 are flipped and reversed. It probably took me too long to realize that but I still don’t know what it represents.

  • Rob Dubya

    it says jordan both ways dumby

  • Jon

    I figured I’d get made fun of for asking the question, but that doesn’t matter. I can see it now in the off-centered view, but the straight on view looks like the self destruct sequence in Predator.

  • raichu

    Ok, Will Nike release this? They seem to hate releasing shoes in celtics colorway. Always making them unavailalble to the public.

  • Rob Dubya

    I feel bad for being harsh. I appologize.

  • Lee in Oregon

    For once a good looking “sneaker”…..my faith in 13 year old girls without bathroom privelages has been restored….thanks Nike!