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Ray Allen Will Teach You How to Shoot

The Mark Wahlberg Youth Foundation is auctioning off 30 minutes worth of shooting lessons from Ray Allen:

Shoot some hoops with one of the Boston Celtic's most integral and
successful players, Ray Allen. Considered to be one of the most
accurate 3-point shooters in the history of the NBA, Ray Allen is an
extremely accomplished and skilled player, being a nine-time NBA
all-star and an Olympic gold medal winner as a member of the 2000 USA
team. Don't miss you chance to improve your game while playing with and
learning from one of the NBA's greatest shooting guards.

Donated by: Ray Allen

Includes: a private basketball shooting lessons from Ray Allen of the
Boston Celtics. Valid for 30 minutes for 2 people in Boston. Winner
must be patient and flexible in scheduling due to Ray's very busy

Let's be honest here, Ray Allen won't be able to teach any of us how to shoot like him. He'll show you how to hold the ball, flick the wrist, align the elbow and bend the knees, but there's no secret behind his shooting skill. He was born with it.

What I really want from Ray are stories. You know, tales from the locker room and plane rides.

As of 1 pm, the top bid for the shooting lesson was $850.

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  • Is it too much to hope that rondo puts in the top bid?

  • and brings marquis daninels, tony allen, or bill walker along with him?

  • jam a lam

    Must’ve been a REALLY slow day.

  • That made me laugh so hard