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Finally, a Writer Who Gets It

Chuck - Red's Army August 19, 2009 Uncategorized 10 Comments on Finally, a Writer Who Gets It

Via Matt Steinmetz of FanHouse:

Still, no team upgraded more this offseason than the Celtics, who added the perfect complementary piece in Rasheed Wallace. Boston also mitigated the damage of losing Leon Powe by re-signing Glen Davis and acquiring Shelden Williams.

makes the Wallace acquisition so good is that it was more a tweak than
a revamp, which was perfectly appropriate considering the Celtics made
it to the Eastern Conference semifinals last season with
Kevin Garnett injured.

other teams – Orlando, San Antonio, the L.A. Lakers and Cleveland – did
some significant rearranging. Who really knows if the Magic, with
Vince Carter but without Hedo Turkoglu, are going to be better than last season?

Steinmetz goes on to raise the same questions about the Spurs, Cavs and Lakers while stressing the versatile qualities of 'Sheed. This is a point we've been making all off-season. Thank you Matt for preaching our gospel.

After the jump, pictures of some Red's Army fans we met during our 5 hour beer drinking business meeting/golf outing.



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  • Wiggs Dannyboy


  • I’m sorry, what was the article about again? I lost focus when I saw the pictures!
    Excellent point on the Magic with the loss of Hedo. The Magic also lost Alston and Lee who I thought were quality contributers last season.
    Will be interesting to see vs the Cavs.

  • thetitleisours

    We were missing the PJ Brown/Posey puzzles last year and we have filled those shoes. Rondo and Davis have another year under their belt. Walker and Giddens have polished off the rookie dust. What is not to be optimistic about?
    I hope that House can come a at least close to last year.
    And guys, watch out for the bunkers

  • Its just another opinion…as die hard celtics fans we think and hope we will be the best team in the league next season and win #18, but we have no idea how things will work out…we will have a much beter idea around all-star break…
    Im not sure about KGs health, with all the speculation he would be back and ready to go last season, why should we believe int until we see it this season

  • Joseph

    Versatile Rasheed Wallace??? You can’t be serious? Are you smoking crack in Suckdic land?
    Wallace is as Versatile as old man with a cane. Wallace is not versatile! Have you seen Wallace play defense? It’s lousy. Not mention, Wallace has never been that great of a rebounder. In his younger days, Wallace was a good scorer, but his major drop in FG% last year (he shot 42% from the field), Suckdic fans should be worried.
    I’ve heard you guys talk sh*t that Shaq isn’t going to help Cleveland, but if you think Sheed is going to help the Suckics, then with that same thinking, Shaq will lead the Cavs to the championship. Remember, Sheed is going to a be 35 year old man. Shaq is 37 and still produced more than Sheed did last year.
    Wake up and smell the sh*t you’re shoveling.

  • stoolFool

    Wallace signing is definitely key, but as everyone knows the most important thing is KGs health. If he’s healthy, we are the best team. If not, there’s a significant drop off. That being said, and KGs rather small injury history over his career, I love our chances this year.

  • When the Celtics obtained Bill Walton for the 1986 season, the saliva started, and the anticipation for another Celtics-LA Finals was huge. We knew the Fakers were going down. Unfortunately, the Fakers chickened out and didn’t make it in and another banner got raised to the Garden rafters. A similar feeling now exists because of Rasheed. If KG is okay, the Fakers, if they don’t chicken out again, will go
    down again just like they have in so many Finals past against the Green. Glorious.

  • Nick

    I think we gota ease KG in 25 minutes per game get Baby and SHEED and even Billy Walker some minutes and Shelden Williams and Perkins. I want our guys healthy come playoff time. Any idea if Swift will be the 15th guy on the roster or do we need a walking corpse such as Tyronn Lue?

  • hahaha

    Just like how the celtics chickened out in the 2000-20002 and Lakers raised 3 banners. Also it took the Celtics 20+ years to raise a damn banner LOl. Look like the chicken to me is the Celtic’s idiot.

  • There were issues with ownership and the front office over the twenty+ years. And Red getting old. But order was restored in 2007-2008 and the Green rules again. Too bad KG got hurt allowing the Fakers to win their Fake title.