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Will the 2010 Cavs Be Better Than 2009 Cavs?


It seemed like the Cavaliers added a new player to their roster every week of the off-season. But will they be able to improve on their 66 win regular season and appearance in the Eastern conference finals?

Here's a look at the top ten players from the 2009 roster vs the 2010 roster:

2009                                   2010
LeBron James                     LeBron James
Mo Williams                        Mo Williams
Anderson Varejao                Anderson Varejao
Zydrunas Ilgauskas              Shaquille O'Neal
Delonte West                      Delonte West
Daniel Gibson                      Daniel Gibson
Sasha Pavlovic                    Anthony Parker
Wally Szczberiak                 Jamario Moon
Ben Wallace                        Leon Powe
Joe Smith                            Zydrunas Ilgauskas

The most glaring change comes in the middle. Shaq definitely gives Cleveland a presence in the paint on both ends. He also eases the burden/minutes of Big Z. While critics say he will only clog the lane for LeBron James, that remains to be seen. And not having offensive-minded assistant coach John Kuester certainly won't help the situation (he left for Detroit). Ultimately, having Shaq is a plus, but he's not the difference maker many of the talking heads on ABC/ESPN think he is. 

I love the bench. Parker can shoot, Moon can slash, and Powe can bang. It also has a ton more athleticism. The only drawback – it could take a while to establish a set rotation.

The Cavs biggest liability is head coach Mike Brown. His inability to adjust to the Magic (offensively and defensively) in the ECF was obvious. How will he handle Shaq, all the new bench bodies, the higher expectations and life without his offensive asst coach?

I think Cleveland will win 60+ games again this season, but they are equal to the Celtics. I expect to see them battle the C's in the conference finals.

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  • Here’s how I’d put it:
    Their roster is significantly better in 2010…. But at the same time, they significantly overachieved in 2009. I’d say those two factors will cancel out and they will be right around 66 wins again. Which will be good enough for the 2 seed, behind Bostons 73 wins.

  • The cavs did overacieve last season, they brought it every single night, and therefore won the most games in the NBA
    the bottom line is, they still suck on the road against elite teams, and they seemingly won all of their close games last season, every game was like a championship to them.
    of course they are better on paper coming into this season, but that doesnt mean it will translate onto the court.
    and Tim, lol@ 73 wins

  • The Cavs biggest liability is head coach Mike Brown. That is a fact I can’t see him bringing it all together.

  • FSantos33

    Yup, Mike Brown is the Cavs weak link. The roster looks good but I think they made one too many moves.

  • zauer

    They improved, it’s a fact. They can have a lot of wins thanks to their deep rotation. But i think playing Garnet and Wallace together will kill them. There are first power rankings of the season on nba.com. C’s are 5th but it’s mainly because guy can’t be sure old KG will be back. I can understand that. But i can’t understand guy named Kevin Arnovitz, who writes for espn.
    “Name the best starting power forward/center tandems in the NBA.
    You could begin with Pau Gasol and Andrew Bynum. After the Lakers’ duo, there’s only one other pair of starters who each recorded a PER greater than 18:
    David West and Emeka Okafor”
    I hate all those PER ratings. I prefer KG/Perk duo over Gasol/Bynum and West/Okafor anytime, anywhere on any conditions.
    Here is the link:

  • greenmech

    Definitly better – I would put them over us and the Lakers with this lineup – My Compare in Points: 6(2009):9(2010) – In my calculation I voted Wallace as plus, because of Powe’s injury, but if he recovers well – we have an overpowered opponent (5:10!!) at the end of the next season… The lost of Powe is really hard for our team, but I believe that we still can win it all if we’re healthy till end (esp. our big 3)

  • good point…
    Shaq wont get along or want to listen to a scrub coach

  • KY Celts fan

    I hope the Cavs do bad this season so we don’t have to watch these childish antics of Lebron and Crew. The little skits, the air guitar on the sidelines. This is professional basketball, not a junior high league that meets at the YMCA twice a week.

  • nick

    Ive said time and time again that the Cavs this year will implde and be lucky to win 47 games…They are just too big and plodding with Shaq Varejao and Lurch Ilgauskus, I mean none of those guys have any speed and rythm to their games, if this was 2002 then having SHAQ and Z would be a great tandem at Center but they are both very old and inneffective on both ends of the court. Varejao is a typical skilless garbage man, Honestly you guys think Shaq Parker and Moon make them any better? Some of u guys are fucking nuts, I feel like im the only one who knows hoops when I hear that people think Anthony Parker and Moon would have helped this team, ditto for Leon Powe I doubt he plays any role on that team this year, major knee injuries are devestating to an athlete especially when he has had it multiple times to each knee. Lets get off the Cavs dicks.. My eastern conference ranking are…Celtics,Magic,then who knows..as of right know Detroit Toronto Atlanta are all in it with cleveland for the 3 seed, there are only 2 powerhouses in the east, washington could challenge for 3rd as well.

  • Cavs_Are_The_Best

    Speaking of dicks, why don’t you quit sucking the Suckdics – they’re terrible.

  • They are just setting up for an epic failure

  • Nick

    I will no doubt fucking smash your face if u continue to disrespect the Celtics like that, you’ve got serious brass son.. Lebron needs another ALL-STAR!!!!!!! Don’t u understand u FOOL not shaq or a bunch of fucking jiri welsch’s and Bruno Sundov’s and J.r Bremers and Jerome Moiso’s and Eric Montross’s and Erick Strickland’s, that is what the Cavs have added. For them to be more than just a GREAT regular season team they need a Joe Johnson or Chris Bosh or someone Special…We have 4!!! special players they have one OTHER-WORLDly player who in spurts can be played to a standstill by the most underrated player in NBA history..The Truth Paul Pierce until they get another GAME-CHANGER they won’t do cock except play air-guitars and get love from ESPN and other morons who buy into they hype. They won’t even be in the Conference Finals. True Story, Show some god damn respect u little jerk

  • Aingelives

    Cavs are loaded but soo are the good guys. Cavs 81 Celtics 116