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It’s a great day for golf


Chuck and I are going to enjoy a little golf outing this afternoon.  Figure this is a good time to grab a couple of hours of course time.  Besides, I'm sure if anything happens, KWAPT will DM me and I can post something from the course (that's actually possible). 

Pray for Chuck.  It's hot out there… and I'm not sure he's, um, physically able to handle that kind of heat.

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  • Lakerhater

    Chuck seems to use the same barley malt diet supplement I use.

  • What course?

  • can we get an update of the match??? I shot a 73 on sunday (on the front 9)

  • Finished a little while ago at Green Meadow Golf Club in Hudson, NH. I finished with a 97, but I shot a 44 on the back 9 (shows you how bad the front 9 was for me). Chuck I think shot a 111

  • RedsArmySoldier

    I think this post does deserve a comment. Funny how you found pictures of other people that have identical bodies to the respected person. I think that pic of Chuck is the body of his stunt double.

  • The only exciting thing to happen today was that my AC worked throughout the day without overheating. Is it almost preseason..??

  • Angry Turk AKA ssshady35,183600
    check out the link, it’s about who in the NBA is the fastest guy. Our own Rondo is second to last on;y in front on Knicks Guard Nate Robinson. There are a total of eight players to chose from.