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Leon: I Never Go Back on My Word

Via HoopsDaily:

What happened with Boston?  Why did you decide to sign with the Cavs?

There was no offer from Boston.  I waited a while, about a month or
two, because I love Boston, I love the fans, I wanted to be there, but
nothing happened.  Then Cleveland made their offer, and I had nowhere
else to go, so I gave them my word that I’d go there.  You know, I’m
the kind of person… I never go back on my word.  

After the Cavs made their offer, did you start getting other offers?

I got offers from Portland, Dallas, the Lakers said if they didn’t
bring Odom back that there was definitely interest, Memphis, and then
Boston made an offer, but I had already told Cleveland I was coming.

If you believe the timetable Leon lays out in this interview, the Celtics made an offer (albeit a late one) before he signed Cleveland's contract. Unfortunately, Leon already verbally committed. How can I fault a guy who doesn't go back on his word?

This frightening tidbit in the Globe's basketball notes column (via Peter May):

If all goes according to Hoyle, a returned-to-full-health Kevin Garnett will
join the 40,000-minutes club just before Thanksgiving. Garnett enters
the season with 39,635. With three years left on his contract, he has
already logged more time than Larry Bird, Charles Barkley, Isiah Thomas, and Dominique Wilkins.

With some guys, age catches up to them overnight. Let's hope Garnett isn't one of those guys.

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  • I started seeing it in Garnett last season before he got injured, not only were his numbers down, his defense wasnt quite to the level it was just the year before…I dont know i think his knee was hurting him most of the year before it finally had too much.. lets hope he comes back Okay, but I think his first year in boston will be his best one, and that year may have taken alot out of him

  • Jon

    The minutes thing would be more accurate if they counted those 4 guy’s college minutes. I’m at work wasting time, so I looked it up on basketball-reference.com and it goes like this:
    Isiah: 2176
    Barkley: 2322
    Nique: 2748
    Bird: 3100 (they only had his 1st year’s minutes, which was 1033. He played more games in each of his next 2 years so I just multiplied by 3 to keep it simple)
    So, if Doc can hold KG to 32mpg, it would take 68 games to match Isiah (the lowest total) and 97 to match Bird (the highest). It seems a 3 year college career (Bird, Barkley and Nique all played 3, Isiah played 2) loosely equals 1 NBA season. It also sheds some light on just how intense an NBA season can be in terms of playing time. Regardless, KG has played some serious minutes but I was interested to see how the college minutes stacked up. I may be the only geek who was interested in that but I felt like passing it along anyway. Thanks!

  • There was no offer from Boston. I waited a while, about a month or two, because I love Boston, I love the fans, I wanted to be there, but nothing happened. Someone should be fired for this

  • Wiggs Dannyboy

    great info, thanks for getting it.

  • AMP

    I think Boston’s management is alienating players a bit…but no one should be fired. Though, I fear we are looking at another 3-4 years of Powe/Posey crying from the fans. They are fabulous players, and I miss/will miss each dearly, but put it all in perspective! I can’t wait to see our new roster!

  • Danno

    Someone should be fired for this.
    yeah. the spastic fans who think resigning Leon Powe to a contract when he will not play until Mid March was a better idea than pursuing Marquis Daniels or Rasheed Wallace.

  • Love the idea of pursuing Marquis Daniels and Rasheed Wallace Great for the Celtics!!!I argee, but not making a low ball offer to Leon, Come on, when he comes back he will help the CAVS I’m done with it just made me mad to see there was no offer, what do I know!!!hopefully i’m wrong and he doesn’t kill us i will admit I am wrong. I still feel the Celtics have made graet off season moves just think this could have locked us in.