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Just remember, most of us didn’t want this guy

Kevin_Durant Just browsing through the interwebs and came across this huge Slam article on how Kevin Durant is poised to become the game's next megastar.  He might… he might not.  But one thing is for sure, this kid is damn good, and he's only just getting started.

I just want everyone to remember that most of us… especially me and Chuck… were pissed at the mere notion of drafting this guy first.  Now, Greg Oden might develop into a very good player… but I guess it's worth offering Danny Ainge an apology, because I was told he would have drafted Kevin Durant first if they'd won that lottery a couple years ago… and I said some pretty ugly things.

Just goes to show one thing:  there's a reason why HE is running a championship NBA team, and we're running some random website.

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  • FSantos33

    Hope Ainge can sign KD when he becomes a free agent

  • Always been a KD guy….
    I remember arguing with you guys about this in the old forums.

  • Yeah in hindsight, Durant is a no-brainer over Oden, although at the time, just like you..I would’ve preferred the big guy.
    Just Imagine if Portland had drafted him and he was playing alonside B Roy, LaMarcus Aldridge and company? wow..
    One thing with Durant is he hasnt learned how to win in the NBA yet, at all

  • lol he’s playing for the Thunder…. Jordan would have a tough time winning with the Thunder is first two years in the league.

  • I dont think thats really an excuse….Lebron made the cavaliers a winner almost instantly..durant is currently the leader of one of the worse teams in basketball with probably the best young core….its not really a knock on him, hes got all the talent in the world, hes just gotta learn to win in the NBA..he really has no clue, even when you watch him play you can see it

  • KY Celts fan

    that’s a coaching issue. Durant has all the skills, he just needs someone who can develop his IQ. It would help if he had some kind of talented mentor on the team. If Ray Allen still played with that franchise and could be a teacher to Durant, the kid could be the most dominant force in the NBA.
    But instead he’s on a team with a VERY young core (avg. age 23.8), a rookie head coach, and the only veteran guiding him the past two years is Nick Collison, whose 28! No wonder they aren’t winning games.
    However, I look forward to watching this team play. It’s going to be some of the most exciting losses ever.

  • Lebron also had an all star center in Z, and a team of veterans
    there is a difference in leading a team of veterans to a winning record and leading a bunch of young inexperienced guys
    also lebron started out in a weak eastern conference, that had no where near the talent the western conference KD had to play in did
    the thunder arent good because young teams dont have success in the nba, not because kevin durant hasnt learned how to win
    lebron was one young player on an old team; thats the reason he was able to have relatively quick success

  • wow, did you just use Big Z and the absolute complete nd utter junk that has been around lebron in his early career as the reason for his success…really?
    theres a huge difference, and again, im not trying to take anything away from KD, but hes not a leader…at all, and at this point doesnt even make his teammates better
    the cavaliers management has failed on an epic level to build a young core around lebron the right way like the thunder are doing for durant
    this argument you are trying to make about lebron being on a good team of veterans is pretty laughable
    “the thunder arent good because young teams dont have success in the nba, not because kevin durant hasnt learned how to win”
    that doesnt make any sense my man…none.
    Kevin durant is the leader and face of the franchise, yet he isnt a leader at all and doesnt have an outstanding basketball IQ…mmm yeah its every bit his fault, and no he hasnt learned how to win and carry a team in the NBA

  • Kevin Durant in lebrons shoes probably doesnt even get last years cavs to the playoffs, ok? i cant believe you are using lebrons teammates as the reason hes a winner and a leader….amusing

  • Mike Munger-Return to the Rafters

    You do know it took Lebron til his THIRD YEAR to get the Cavs to the playoffs in what was a very weak East. Not exactly turning the team into a winner is it?? Lebron runs that offense while the Thunder actually have a PG that runs their offense so trying to compare Durant and Lebron’s effectiveness is a moot point.

  • You sound like an idiot.
    Think about it like this… If Lebron’s first two years were spent in Sea/OKC with Nick Collison, Jeff Green, that horrible coach, etc., the Thunder still would be nowhere near the playoffs. Maybe a couple wins better, but not much.

  • Um, lebrons first 2 years were spent with much worse and no superior young talent like a jeff green and russell westbrook
    lets not get carried away here, you are calling me an idiot because I am stating the obvious, Kevin Durant isnt a winner in the NBA yet, he cant defend a chair, and he doesnt make his teammates better ala not a very good passer or motivator
    Please calm down. He will likely win scoring titles in the future, maybe be the next T-Mac. Championship titles, that remains to be seen. He isn’t setting up his teammates much, his defense is atrocious, his team isn’t winning (+3 in his Sophomore year).

  • It may be a moot point, im just saying, hes more likely the next tmac or vince carter then the next lebron or kevin garnett….yes we all know he can score at will, but his understanding of the game and being an all around player is pretty much nonexitsent as of now, hes got alot of room for improvement