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Who’s better: Ray or Redd?

That's the debate going on at Dime Magazine right now

Here's part of the argument for Ray:

He can still take over a game on the offensive end of the floor as the
go-to guy, but he can also come in and play a lesser role that forces
the defense to constantly be on the look-out, even if he’s having a
terrible shooting night. This isn’t to say that Redd doesn’t do the
same thing, but Allen is the guy I’d rather have in a plethora of game

And for Redd:

What separates one sniper from the other, though, is that long-range
bombs are the only consistently effective weapons left in Ray’s
arsenal, while Redd still roams every part of the court to inflict

Those are just part of each argument.  Head on over and weigh in.  I'm going to stay loyal to our guy, but you make up your own mind.

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  • Bas Rutten Jr.

    “long-range bombs are the only consistently effective weapons left in Ray’s arsenal”
    That guy doesn’t know shit.

  • WestCoastCelt

    As accomplished as Ray is, he still doesn’t get much credit besides his deep range. He’s not a PG, but he can handle just fine. He’s very smart. He doesn’t crash into the lane like Pierce or Rondo, but when he sees an opening, he’ll definitely take it to the lane where he’ll either smoothly finish or stroke a short range jumper. That’s a shot almost no one else even takes, never mind makes. Usually they commit an offensive foul, which Ray never does. And since Ray doesn’t have to carry the entire offensive burden, his D has become very adequate.
    Does Redd do any of that stuff? Honestly, I’ve only seen him in limited Team USA minutes, but he seems like just a chucker and not much else. Miller seemed this way, too. One dimensional, though clearly that one dimension was off the charts.
    Ray’s not the man 82 games anymore by circumstance, not lack of ability. Ray is an all-around b-ball player, one of the greatest shooting guards in NBA history: handle, can drive, finish, pull-up, has high b-ball IQ, leader, never caused a problem with a teammate or coach, decent D and of course otherworldly shooting. Redd doesn’t stack up to Ray.

  • very true, i think alot of people have that misconception….which is garbage, ray really has a great mid range game, beautiful really

  • Ray or Redd?
    Um, in their primes, should this even be a question?
    that, and ray allens mid range game is severaly underrated

  • KaiserNY

    Redd to me is more of a volume shooter who is streaky but when he gets hot is unstoppable. Ray has been good as a volume shooter too but is a pure shooter, and can also beat you in spot up catch-and-shoot situations which has been more of his role with the Celtics.