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This makes you appreciate the Celtics a lot more

Sonicsgate Trailer from sonicsgate on Vimeo.

The wounds of the Seattle Sonics leaving town are still VERY fresh in the Pacific Northwest.  In fact, in a couple of months, a full documentary on the departure will be released online.  This is a trailer for that movie. 

The saga in Seattle just makes you appreciate what we have in Boston a lot more.  I feel bad for fans in Seattle. 

(via TalkHoops)

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  • G4L

    I think I’ll watch this when it comes out.. looks pretty good.

  • Lakerhater

    Thanks Redsarmy, you are right the wounds are VERY DEEP. In a couple of months we’ll vote out the douchebag mayor nickels and if Clay Bennet or David Stern ever show their faces up here it won’t be pretty. They raped us of a great franchise and dumped in the sh*thole known as OKC. As for howie schultz selling the team to bennet, neither I nor any of my friends will set foot in a Starbucks again (like he gives a sh*t).
    On the bright side, I still get to root for Ray. Go Celtics, beat the thunder.

  • Seattle loves Boston b/c of Ray Allen.
    The goal of this film is to detail what happened and will be released FREE to the internet OCT 12 2009. will have lots of info and a new trailer in a few weeks.
    You guys are gonna love Robert Swift. Feel free to use the nickname we gave him in Seattle
    “Wild Bobby Ginger”= Robert Swift
    stay tuned…the next trailer is going to be devastatingly depressing.