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Nets make jumping on & off bandwagon easy

RedsArmyAdmin August 14, 2009 Uncategorized Comments Off on Nets make jumping on & off bandwagon easy

The Nets are going to be an interesting team this year.  They can be a tough matchup on some nights, and they could get destroyed on others.  So the team is making it easy on its fans who don't want to leave the arena in shame.  That's because the Nets are giving away reversible team jerseys, with the opponent's jersey on one of the sides.

So if the Nets get smoked by, say, Cleveland on January 2nd… fans can just flip their Jarvis Hayes jersey into a LeBron jersey and skip out of the building.  You'll probably notice a C's jersey in there.  They're part of the mix, but that game is in November, and the fine print says the jerseys will be delivered in December.  So Nets fans will just have to sit there and absorb that blowout in shame.

It's bandwagon jumping made easy, courtesy of the New Jersey Nets.  Because when you don't care enough to put a winning product on the floor… you might as well make it easy for your fans to switch allegiances.

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