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Hollinger: Giddens is Terrible

Via John Hollinger's chat on ESPN.com:

I could see Walker getting some minutes, yes. Giddens is terrible, I
don't think he can play and have no idea why they picked him. Williams
will be the fifth big man and be better than your typical No. 3 center
if he's in shape (which he wasn't last year)– terrible shooter and
finisher, but he's physical and he rebounds.

Granted it's one man's opinion but having your game described as "terrible" is never a good thing.

Here's how JH answered a reader who couldn't understand why the Celtics were considered favorites over the Cavaliers:

I half-agree with you. I don't get the Boston bandwagon thing either
given their age issues, but I think it's up in the air whether
Cleveland or Orlando should be the favorite. Boston is a clear third in
my mind.

Boston bandwagon thing? What are these guys reading? IMOP the Celtics aren't getting enough respect by the media.

(Thanks to Pizza for the info)

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  • thetitleisours

    Well Marbury says Giddens has D up his backside. I don’t know, from what I have seen in limited minutes I have liked so far. Question is will both Walker and Giddens be on the opening roster? I wish I had a guess but I do not.
    It would be good if they opened up a spot to sigh Hudson and an established vet at guard. But was hoping for TA who we know what we will get versus the potential of Walker and Giddens.
    I trust DA drafting skill in the second round over anyone’s else’s 2-cent opinion

  • I want to know how much of Giddens John Hollinger has seen. When he says Giddens is terrible, what’s he basing it on?

  • thetitleisours

    Good question. Very strange out in “left field” statement.
    Maybe he forgot his All-Bran this morning

  • Marbury says something positive about any player you ask him about, so id take it with a grain of salt what has to say

  • dont hold you breath for JR giddens cracking this years rotation

  • I’m certainly not… but I don’t get how you can come right out and say he’s terrible. If he was terrible, he wouldn’t have succeeded in the D League… and he was pretty good there.
    Of course, the league is littered with good D League players who can’t make the jump to the L. But I don’t get how anyone can say he’s terrible.

  • When I say “you”… I don’t mean you personally. I mean “you” in general as in Hollinger.

  • Yeah, thats fine, because ultimately you are right, noone has seen enough of him to call him “terrible” …does seem kinda odd, although its not that great a leap to assume he will never player for these celtics and may end up the next gabe pruitt

  • That’s very true… he very well could be the next Pruitt. Or he could develop into a decent player. No one knows. He could get cut this year… He could be d-league bound again… or he could be a contributor. Each, to me at this moment, is equally possible.
    Hollinger is great with numbers and using them to make some determinations. I don’t know, however, where his non-number skill lies. I have serious questions about that.

  • Nick

    Hollinger is a fuckin goober…A str8 up stat geek who thinks the celtics won’t even make the Conference Finals. I ain’t saying Giddens is great or awful or good or w.e, I am just saying I hate John Hollinger, he’s by far the worst basketball mind ESPN has, he makes me not even want to go on their site. According to him Steve Nash is a better defender than Rondo, he just comes up with all kinds of wacky cooky shit and tries to justify it with his numbers system, so like I have said before. I hope John Hollinger dies and rots in hell. One day I will hopefully meet him there and take a nice 50 second piss on his burning corpse….Title or bust this year Fuck John Hollinger

  • thetitleisours

    Like it! lol
    Really Nick, stop hedging and tell us what you really think 🙂