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Happy 50th Magic

RedsArmyAdmin August 14, 2009 Uncategorized 9 Comments on Happy 50th Magic

Larry magic
I respect Magic more than any other Celtics opponent.  Without him, the Lakers-Celtics rivalry wouldn't exist as we know it.  If I was starting an All-Time team… Magic would be the point guard.

Happy 50th birthday, Magic.

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  • who would be your all-time Time?
    here is mine
    PG Magic
    SG Jordon
    SF Bird
    PF Duncan
    C Russell

  • Hear, Hear. I can think of three major news events in my life in which I remember exactly where I was when I heard about it: The Challenger, 9/11 and Magic announcing he was HIV positive.

  • That’s pretty much be it. Who would beat that team?

  • What’s still amazing me is that he could play well on all five positions. He is the most complete player of all times.

  • Orb

    LA, you must be within a year and a half of 40, cause those are my three too.
    And even though I don’t want Jordan on my team, I’ll take him because the next best ones I don’t like either (Kobe, West). Maybe the Iceman.

  • bigmck

    I feel like Magic is underrated these days. His name rarely comes up in discussions of who was the greatest of all-time.
    Bird and Magic were such clutch players. The fact that Kobe is referred to as “the closer” makes me want to puke.

  • I’m not going to shit on Kobe’s ability.. because he’s a great player. But he’s not special the same way Magic and Larry were. Those guys, along with Jordan, saved the entire league. Some younger guys today don’t quite understand how bad the league was before these guys came in and rescued it.

  • Lee in Oregon

    Bird, McHale, Russell, Jordan, and of course, Magic.
    McHale in his prime could play both forward spots, D up like no other, and score on anyone relentlessly. Until the ankle injury and his unwillingness to sit, he was unbelievable on both ends. He’s not doing anything right now, it’d be nice if they brought him to camp, I could see him helping Perk with some post moves.
    Much respect to all the old Lakers from the Magic/Bird era…..except coach Riley….the original Syracuse greaser.

  • Magic over Big O? Magic was great but Robertson was incredibly good. I mean incredibly.
    All time would go something like
    PG Oscar Robertson
    SG MJ
    SF Larry Legend
    PF Duncan
    C Wilt Chamberlain
    An alternative would be to have Russell play the four with Wilt center, like they used to play in the all-star games in the sixties. That is some frontcourt. But since Bill is a natural C, I have to go with Duncan. Barkley is a candidate in that position as well.