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D-Wade challenges Obama to 1-on-1

Dwyane Wade is throwing down the gauntlet… and challenging the leader of the free world to a game of 1-on-1.  And he's doing it publicly on Twitter.  He had to break it up over two tweets.

I have to officially go on the record and Present this challenge to our
president. 2 chicago natives should get 2gether for a friendly
Game of 1 on 1…As we say the ball is in your court Mr obama..if u say yes bring your Jordan's because it might get ugly.

How about that… trash talking the President AND name-dropping his new shoe brand in one shot.  Well done D-Wade.

So what's up Mr. President?  You gonna sit there and take that?  I think you should smoke him… and THEN have him audited.  I know you're an avid Red's Army reader…so I await your answer in the comments.

(via The Baseline)

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  • The President of the United States

    I accept the challenge! But I must add I’m actually a native of Hawaii. I’ll be there with bells on!

  • The President of the United States

    Oh, also, kakapoopoopeepee!

  • is the marquis deal ever going to be finalized?