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Yet another thing Marbury won’t pass to anyone else

How much you wanna bet that if any team tries to sign Marbury now, the commish will come out with an immediate drug suspension?

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  • Danno

    Stephon Bogartbury.

  • While there’s 99.99% that’s actually weed, it can’t be proven. Maybe if he gets high he’ll start to act normal though.

  • Boney

    99.99% it can’t be proven?
    I guess a failed drug test won’t prove his use

  • That’d be one fucked up way to smoke a regular cigarette

  • ironically i smoked a hand rolled cigarette like that a while ago. old habits die hard. but at least i was 10 beers deep

  • idaho_jim

    Enjoy Europe Stephon.

  • G4L

    Why would he even do this on air… he’s an idiot! But I still want him as a Celtic.

  • Lakerhater

    Same old Marbury, never really cared about passing it.

  • who da guy

    Laker hater, thats hilarious. Anyway, no worries mon, the ganja is the healing of the nation.

  • Lee in Oregon

    (Nothing against the kind but) Steph just puffed his way out of the NBA… chance he gets an NBA job ever again
    Note to Starbury- without the job, there aint gonna be no reality show playa… u think we care what washed up ballers/jerks are up to? Talk to Spree & JR Ryder. At this point, the only palce Steph will be playing is at the health club.
    “California likes to party!”

  • FSantos33

    Safe to say Puffbury won’t be wearing green anymore

  • KY Celts fan

    does anyone even know how old this video is?

  • It’s part of his UStream/ reality fest… which has been within the past few weeks.