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Rondo will emerge in about a week

Rajon Rondo has been pretty much MIA this summer.  At least… he has since all those trade rumors died down. 

But he'll be out there, on a basketball court, a week from tomorrow. 

Well, sort of.  He's going to be coaching one of the Elite 24 teams.

ESPN RISE will hold the fourth annual Boost Mobile Elite 24 event, the
nation's premier elite high school boys basketball event for
underclassmen, Friday, Aug. 21, 7 p.m. ET at New York City's Rucker
Park. Featuring 24 of the top high school basketball players from
across the nation, Boost Mobile Elite 24 players are selected by a
committee of high school basketball experts: ESPN RISE Magazine, ESPN
Scouts, Inc. and other leading talent evaluators. Players are selected
based on their performance at AAU tournaments and national summer camps

Quick scan of the roster shows Austin Rivers, Doc's son, will be playing in the event.  Wonder if Rajon will be coaching him?

He'll also be judging a slam dunk contest, along with Kevin Love, Tyreke Evans and Brandon Jennings.

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  • WestCoastCelt

    All I want to hear about Rondo is that he’s shooting jumpers (and free throws) hours on end every day.

  • WestCoastCelt

    And maybe also learning to get over his issue of playing in high tops so we can dispense with this “ankle injury of the week” BS. I mean it’s pretty ridiculous that this whole franchise and its fan base needs to be on edge because at any second the season could be over (this team is not winning a championship without Rondo at the helm).
    True, at any second any vitally important player could get hurt, but this is a constantly recurring known issue. I’m not sure why people aren’t talking about this more and how reckless it is to not be addressing it in some fashion. This is like a guy with a hamstring injury refusing to stretch or with a knee injury refusing to wear a brace.
    This medical team went laissez-faire on KG’s knee last year instead of addressing and fixing the issue and it cost a championship. Are they again going to half-ass an important medical issue and gamble this season’s chances?
    Everyone involved, EVERYONE, needs to take this seriously and protect his ankles as much as possible. Rondo saying “I’m not comfortable.” is a childish response and doesn’t cut it. Find a way to play while protecting a clear weak link in your physique or else you risk your career and your team’s chances. There should be NO excuses!

  • JD

    Its childish to be uncomfortable?

  • Bas Rutten Jr.

    Having high-tops truly don’t matter that much. High or low-tops, if you come down wrong on a foot, you’re ankle gonna get f’ed.
    If he’s not taped or wearing ankle braces, then I’d be worried.

  • JD

    Yeah, it doesn’t matter what shoe you wear. It matters if you get taped or wearing an ankle brace. Your making something out of nothing.

  • WestCoastCelt

    The guy has chronic issues with his ankles but refuses to address the issue because he’s not “comfortable” with it. Yeah, that’s something.
    As good as he is, as important as he is to the team, as much as he’s looking to get paid, it’s childish to dismiss treatment/prevention of a serious and recurring issue for such petty reasons.
    When he rolls his ankle multiple times this year and misses time, I’ll be very interested to see if you still consider it nothing.
    His ankles need reinforcement of some kind (high tops, tape, whatever) and he’s not accepting any and the trainer/staff isn’t making him.

  • JD

    You clearly don’t know what your talking about because Rondo did get his ankles taped when he was rolling them.