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Rick Pitino is the Real Dr. Evil


If you didn't already want to punch Rick Pitino in the face, you will after reading this column Yahoo! Sports' Adrian Wojnarowski.

Even more despicable than Rick are "his crew of sycophants and enablers – with and without basketball
credentials – who accompany him job to job, restaurant bar to
restaurant bar."

First, there was the personal assistant, Vinnie Tatum, watching the
door for him during his escapade in 2003. That’s one thing. But here’s
the story that’s getting too little attention but speaks prominently to
Pitino’s world: His assistant equipment manager – a pseudo-make-believe
position given to his driver with the Boston Celtics -  took a stunning, sobering bullet for his boss. Six months after
Pitino’s “indiscretion” with Karen Cunagin, crony Tim Sypher married

Maybe Pitino didn’t order it, but he had to think it was a good
idea. It would’ve never been allowed otherwise. Pitino must have feared
her on the loose, feared the information she possessed. He had to want
her quiet, wanted her looked after, and this was the easiest way.

Talk about loyalty. This Syper guy marries his boss' crazy one-night-stand  – as a favor. But wait there's more.

This is how it works with Pitino, and this is the reason he’ll never
again get offered anything but a lousy NBA job for a lousy franchise.
Privately, his employees called him King Leer (as well as “The Aging
Prom Queen”) when he was with the Boston Celtics. He had a fiefdom of
sham basketball minds and cronies who took over the Celtics and
bombarded general manager Chris Wallace daily with insane and
ill-informed trade proposals.

Only now, no GM wants Pitino. Why take the chance of him undermining them? Why waste money hiring all his buddies?

Maybe it was Syphers who came up with the 7-year, $22 million dollar contract for Travis Knight?

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  • FSantos33

    Prick Pitino is a true douche
    His smirk in that picture just made me vomit in my mouth a little

  • Bas Rutten Jr.

    I agree that Pitino sucks, but that joke is even worse. Always felt it was a weak attempt for an unfunny person to get a laugh. Keep trying though. 🙂

  • FSantos33

    Sorry I failed to entertain you. Your opinion is very important to me.

  • Jon

    now that’s funny

  • With the disrespect he showed Larry Bird when he took the Celtic reins I immediately lost all respect/interest in Rick Pitino. He proved himself by displaying the WORST possible decisions in trying to run the most storied NBA franchise entirely by himself. “I can be GM AND COACH!”
    Part of the genuis that was Red was the ability to place people in positions that were the most conducive to the team’s overall success, to him glory was irrelevant unless there was another banner to be hung. The only statistic that mattered was the win/loss column. Bill Russell was an astute pupil of this philosphy, he never once led the league in scoring, never came close; but how many rings does he own? Tick(sp?) Pitino likes attention, Tick Pitino likes calling the shots.
    Tick decided he didn’t need Bird. Bird promptly went to Indiana and gave them their most success run since their ABA days.
    Now he is screwing crazy women in restaurants, just more brillant decision making.

  • One last thing; being that i live in a dead NBA city (Cincinnati), i wasn’t there when Tick turned tail and ran out of Boston. The question being, how big was the party out there?