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Check out Lester Hudson’s new uniform

Red claws

The Maine Red Claws unveiled their uniforms today.  In case you don't know it by now… the 'Claws are the C's D-League affiliate. 

More uniform pictures, and the Red Claws schedule, after the jump.


Claws 2 

27th – Sioux Falls SkyForce – 7pm
28th – Dakota Wizards – 7pm
4th – Springfield Armor – 8pm
5th – Springfield Armor – 7pm
12th – Erie BayHawks – 7pm
13th – Tulsa 66ers – 7pm
16th – Erie BayHawks – 7pm
17th – Erie BayHawks – 7pm
19th – Ft. Wayne Mad Ants – 7:30pm
26th – Bakersfield Jam – 1pm
27th – Bakersfield Jam – 5pm
31st – Iowa Energy – 1pm
1st – Erie BayHawks – 5pm
8th – Springfield Armor – 8pm
9th – Springfield Armor – 7pm
12th – Ft. Wayne Mad Ants – 7pm
15th – Springfield Armor – 8pm
16th – Springfield Armor – 7pm
21st – Springfield Armor – 7pm
22nd – Austin Toros – 7:30pm
24th – Bakersfield Jam – 4pm
25th – Utah Flash – 7pm
27th – Idaho Stampede – 7pm
29th – Erie BayHawks – 7:30pm
31st – Springfield Armor – 5pm
5th – Dakota Wizards – 7pm
6th – Sioux Falls SkyForce – 7pm
10th – Austin Toros – 7:30pm
18th – Tulsa 66ers – 11am
20th – Rio Grande Valley Vipers – 8pm
21st – Rio Grande Valley Vipers – 5pm
24th – Ft. Wayne Mad Ants – 7:30pm
25th – Ft. Wayne Mad Ants – 7:30pm
28th – Erie BayHawks – 5pm
2nd – Ft. Wayne Mad Ants – 7pm
7th – Sioux Falls SkyForce – 5pm
12th – Iowa Energy – 7:30pm

14th – Iowa Energy – 5pm
16th – Ft. Wayne Mad Ants – 7pm
17th – Albuquerque Thunderbirds – 7:30pm
19th – Albuquerque Thunderbirds – 7:30pm
21st – Sprinfield Armor – 1pm
22nd – Dakota Wizards – 7pm

24th – Sioux Falls SkyForce – 7pm
26th – Reno Bighorns – 7pm
27th – Reno bighorns – 7pm
2nd – Ft. Wayne Mad Ants – 7:30
3rd – Erie BayHawks – 7:30pm

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  • Juan

    I like the white uniforms, but the red ones are so-so. The green outline of Maine on the red uniforms doesn’t look good.

  • I agree.
    I kinda like the shooting shirt

  • G4L

    This might be the only team in professional sports history that the mascot is a dead animal.. Lobsters only turn red when they are boiled they’re originally black. Just kinda a fun fact I guess.

  • thetitleisours

    Not for the Lobster 😉

  • nick

    Kris (NY, NY)
    John, everyone keeps saying the Celtics are the favorites in the East. I don’t get it. The Cavs disappointed by losing to Orlando. But that seems more like it was simply a unique matchup problem with Turk and Lewis. With the Magic getting rid of Turk and the Cavs adding Parker and Moon, not mention Shaq, shouldn’t the Cavs be the clear favorites? I mean they still have the best player on the planet who is still improving as well. What gives? This feels like a classic case of the media’s love with the Celtics.
    John Hollinger (3:33 PM)
    I half-agree with you. I don’t get the Boston bandwagon thing either given their age issues, but I think it’s up in the air whether Cleveland or Orlando should be the favorite. Boston is a clear third in my mind.
    I am officially off to kill John Hollinger and his entire family DOG included. If anyone can get me an adress that would be helpful..otherwise I will just be wondering around aimlessly, I honestly want 2 bite a chunk out of this dudes fucking face. A clear third?? I don’t even think Cleveland will have home-court in the first round..U heard it here first this 09-10 Cavs will be 47-35 and they are the most overrated team of al time. What a fucking cock-breathe Hollinger is, if I see him at the garden this year I swear on my dead father that im gona flip him off and tell him hes a cunt and that his wife cheats on him, if he even has one that little douche.

  • Oh, me thinks it’s time for a road trip to eat some lobster and watch a d-league team. Anyone?

  • I’m in. You swingin’ by to pick me up?

  • Of course, if I get a Red’s Army tee or tank out of the deal!

  • You got it. Email me which one you want and your address.I will send
    an extra small for the photograph you’ll send back.