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Ainge: “It’s the Best Frontcourt That We’ve Had Maybe Ever… “

Via the Providence Journal:

“We feel like
we have one of the best frontcourts in all of basketball,” Celtics
director of basketball operations Danny Ainge said Monday in a news
conference to introduce Williams and reintroduce Davis. “We have a
great deal of depth.”

In fact, Ainge said the frontcourt the Celtics will field this season could be the best in team history.

the best frontcourt that we’ve had maybe ever in this franchise – since
[Larry] Bird, [Kevin] McHale and [Robert] Parish probably. … Since that
era, it’s the best frontcourt we’ve had,” Ainge said. “We think we have
good depth and with Scalabrine and Shelden and Glen Davis playing
behind the three guys, we have rebounding and we have defense. Big Baby
is a very versatile player. Rasheed spreads the floor and we obviously
know about Perk and KG. They’ve done a great job for us the last few

No need to include the "maybe" Danny. The Celtics current frontcourt is the best we've seen since Bird, McHale and Parish. Here are some of the jokers to roam the paint in a Celtics uniform:

  • Acie Earl
  • Eric Montross
  • Frank Brickowski
  • Alaa Abdelnaby
  • Dwayne Schintzius
  • Jerome Moiso
  • Andrew DeClerq
  • Vitaly Potapenko

Leon Powe's agent, Aaron Goodwin, spoke with the Herald. Goodwin says the team showed mixed signals to Leon:

“I think there was a lot of confusion going on, in fairness to Danny
Ainge,” Goodwin said. “I don’t think that they initially showed enough
interest. I think at some point there was a desire for the Celtics to
keep him, but I just think that it was a little late in the process.”

IMOP, Danny was surprised so many teams were willing to take a chance on Powe. He tried to get back in the game, but it was too late.

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  • I’d like to add:
    Travis Knight
    Pervis Ellison
    Chris Mihm
    Popeye Jones
    Dino Raja (although he was absolutely unstoppable in NBA Shootout 97)
    Chris Mihm
    We could go on for days.

  • How the hell could I forget Travis Knight.
    Radja was a decent player, he doesn’t belong with those scrubs.

  • Milt Palacio

    Now that KG is around everyone forgets the best big man the Celtic’s ever had. I’m talking about Blount. He was a dream, like a poor mans Joe Klein with the footwork of an overweight Brad Lohaus.

  • PistolPedro

    I agree about Dino…he was actually a pretty decent player. But, I think we forgot to mention Mark Acres and Ramon Rivas. Not to mention a completely calcified and clueless Artis Gilmore.

  • venus

    Mark Blount? Or is he not even fit to make this list?
    And what happened with Leon then? If the Celtics wanted to sign him after he got interest from other teams what stopped him from coming back and trying to negotiate with them? It couldn’t have been about money unless he didn’t want to come back because they let him go?

  • G4L

    I don’t think Vitaly Potapenko belongs on the list. He was a tough S.O.B. with some range.

  • brain dead

    you can not make a list like that without throwin’ in the immortal 1996/7 frontcourt – alton lister, marty conlon & the beloved brett szabo.

  • Believe it or not, Blount was better than a lot of guys on the list, i.e Earl, Montross.

  • Kev

    Blount. Can’t stand him. Remember him skipping down the court with a grin? He’s a joke.

  • PistolPedro

    Brain Dead…
    “alton lister, marty conlon & the beloved brett szabo”
    Hysterical! I think that trio takes the cake.
    I want to throw in Darren Morningstar for good measure.

  • thetitleisours

    But lets no or we will all need beers

  • didn’t realize we’ve had two chris mihms

  • ahh… alton lister… that’s who I was trying to think of.

  • Yeah… Dino did have a real smooth baseline jumper.

  • Bas Rutten Jr.

    I’m with ya, man.

  • brain dead

    best tanking team of all times. they had their numbers in the rafters if we had got duncan.

  • Joe Somebody

    I actually liked the 01-02 Frontcourt pretty well. It doesn’t stack up to now or the bird days, but it was decent:
    C- Tony Battie
    F-Rodney Rogers
    F-Antoine Walker
    F-Eric Williams
    F-Walter McCarty
    F-Paul Pierce
    This makes me imagine just how good the celtics could’ve been for a few years around this time had they kept Joe Johnson instead of trading for ROgers and Delk. or trading Kedrick Brown instead of Joe Johnson in the same trade which would’ve been a possibility.
    Imagine a team of
    C-Tony Battie
    F-Antoine Walker
    F-Paul Pierce
    G-Joe Johnson
    G-Kenny Anderson
    Or we could go back further and keep Chauncey Billups too and then we would’ve been great. Oh well, what could’ve been isn’t nearly as good as what is now, so if we needed to suffer those days to get where we are now, that’s fine by me.

  • Joe Somebody

    I think with the powe thing. If anything, he’d be a replacement for Baby. So the Celtics wanted to see that play out first and then sign powe if they could as well.

  • jared

    oh yeah, the greatest frontcourt ever assembled!!!

  • BagODonuts

    Vin Baker is so pissed at all of you right now, he’s downing a handle of the Captain.