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What minutes will Glen Davis really get?

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The reaction to Glen Davis signing has generally been pretty good.  I like it too.  But a few of you noticed that Glen Davis didn't exactly sound psyched to rejoin the Celtics.  That's probably because he was hoping to cash in and be a starter… instead of sitting on the bench and fighting for minutes.

And he WILL fight for minutes. 

There are 96 combined minutes in a basketball game for the center and power forward positions… which is the mix Davis is in.  Kevin Garnett will probably get 30 of them (he averaged 31.1 last year).  Kendrick Perkins will get another 30 (29.6 last year).  That leaves 36 left, which would mean 18 minutes per game each for Glen Davis and Rasheed Wallace if they were split evenly.  And we know Danny didn't bring 'Sheed in to play 18 minutes a game.  I'd say he's playing 25… leaving 11 for Baby.

We COULD throw the small forward minutes into this mix for the odd occasion that Doc wants to have 3 bigs on the floor at once.  Even if it's Sheed, KG and Perk out there, the numbers will pan out because whatever minutes Sheed eats at SF would just mean more PF minutes are available.  Anyway, 48 minutes of play at the SF breaks down to about 30 minutes for Paul Pierce and 18 left over for his back up.  Some of that will go to Marquis Daniels… but he'll fill in at other spots too.  Even so, a majority of those 18 minutes will go to Daniels.  What time will be left over at the 3 for Baby?  5 minutes?  8 minutes? Can't be more than that.  Remember, a stated priority was getting Pierce rest.  That's what Daniels is here for.

Last season, Baby averaged 21.5 mpg simply because KG was out for a long time and he had to fill in.  This year, he'll struggle to reach those minutes again.  They just don't exist on this team.  And if Shelden Williams gets ANY time off the bench, he'll be playing Davis' minutes.

Baby is here for two more years, and he'll be fighting for time each of those years.  And if he lets any of this bother him and affect his play, he'll get even fewer minutes as Doc looks for other options.  So when you wonder why he wouldn't be happy about coming back to this situation… it's because he's not going to have much of an opportunity to raise his value here.

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  • the same minutes hes played the last 2 seasons when this team was healthy?
    glad to have him back regardless…he plays good, he will earn more minutes, the old guys need plenty of rest and baby will have a good attitude, of course he WANTED more money and more minutes…thats pretty understandable as far as im concerned

  • Oh and he just has to understand, that if he has a good attitude and contributed at all to a championship team, that will raise his value…im confident he understands this

  • thetitleisours

    You know injuries, and they always seem to happen, will change the equation

  • Lex

    14-18 MPG, with maybe a few minutes at the power 3.

  • Shouldn’t be getting more than 10 if we are healthy… in my opinion.

  • thetitleisours

    Would like to see KG and PP under 30. That would be a very positive sign

  • If KG plays just 8 minutes per quarter, that’s 32 minutes right there. Really, when you think about it, that’s not much. I think that’s very doable.

  • Gant

    I posted over on RealGm a few days about this:
    “Big Baby at back up small forward:
    I’ve actually had this on my mind since last season but it didn’t seem realistic until the nimble footed Baby showed he could hit the jumper and lost a lot of weight. Now both of those things have happened.
    Here’s a quote from a Frank Dell’Apa article at Boston.com: “It’s spreading the floor and giving my teammates more options,’’ Davis said. “Instead of 15-16 feet, 3-point range gives them another option out there. You’ve got to work on it. I’m going a little further, spreading it out. I’ve got stuff in my game people haven’t really seen yet.’’
    Points of interest:
    1) Baby has lost a ton of weight (an amazing amount in a short time).
    2) He can hit the jumper and is extending his range.
    3) Ryan Gomes made the exact same transition in Boston a few years ago.
    4) If everyone is healthy there aren’t enough minutes at the big man spots. If Perk, KG and Sheed get 30 each, that only leaves 6 for Baby and Shelden.
    5) There ARE some minutes available at back up 3.
    If this works here’s the second “five:”
    Center: Rasheed Wallace
    PF: Shelden Williams
    SF: (not so) Big Baby
    SG: Marquis Daniels
    PG: Eddie House.
    It won’t work against everyone but it could work some of the time.
    And before anyone says How is Baby going to cover (whatever back up small forward) I would say- How will that back up small forward cover Big Baby?”
    (There’s some interesting discussion on both sides of the issue there.)
    I really think they’re going to try Baby at the 3 this preseason. Unless Giddens or Walker step up they have back up wing minutes that need to be filled. Marquis can’t play both spots at once.
    Plus Doc already showed with Posey that he prefers to play a proven vet out of normal position rather than give the minutes to unready youngsters.
    I also think SF is a decent position for Big Baby as it hides as many of his weaknesses as it exposes.

  • FSantos33

    Start BBD – Make KG our Manu G. as sixth man. Shake it up a little. Save KG for the playoffs.

  • I don’t think that would work.

  • FSantos33

    I know, I was only joking. Just curious what you would say. Luckily you didn’t cut my head off. lol

  • FSantos33

    Nice post Gant. My eyes are getting bigger and bigger filled with excitement picturing BBD hitting from downtown. That would be a valuable weapon if he can develop the 3 ball.

  • Hah. I had SOOOO many responses whirling around my head. Head cutting was
    one of them… but I refrained.