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There Isn’t Room For Leon

Chuck - Red's Army August 12, 2009 Uncategorized 12 Comments on There Isn’t Room For Leon


I love his game, his toughness, his tenacity and his story, but (despite the latest reports) there just isn't room on the Celtics for Leon Powe.

Prior to the start of last season, we knew Danny was going to have a difficult time re-signing both Glen Davis and Powe. Both are undersized players who can play only one position – power forward. They could only share minutes off the bench for so long. Eventually, the team would have to invest in one player. Unfortunately for both Powe and Davis, that player was Rasheed Wallace.

Need for 'Sheed
Wallace may be temperamental and 35-years old, but he's better than both of them. He brings extensive playoff experience, shooting range, length, rebounding, etc. Replace BBD with Wallace in the playoff series with the Orlando Magic and the Celtics win Game 7. He's now a key cog in this team.

The Minutes
Let's examine the minutes. Doc needs to fill 48 minutes at the power forward position and 48 minutes at the center position. Here's how I see it:

  • Perkins – 30 minutes at center
  • KG – 30 minutes at power forward
  • Rasheed Wallace – 18 minutes at center, 7 minutes at power forward

That leaves 11 minutes at the power forward position (and I'm being generous because Wallace could easily play another 5 minutes per game). Can you really divide that up among two players?

During the Celtics championship season of 2008 (a better reference since KG did not miss significant time), Leon and BBD each averaged about 14 minutes per game. Bottom line – there wouldn't be enough minutes for both players.

Powe vs Baby
Two different styles. Leon is a bruiser who loves to mix it up in the post. Davis brings more finesse to the court, along with a decent mid-range jumper. Powe is the better rebounder. So who gets the nod? Glen Davis.

You can't overlook Leon's knees. And no matter how great he looks in rehab, I question whether Leon will retain that explosiveness in the paint after having a third major knee surgery.

Big Baby doesn't get enough credit for his work ethic. He's shedded dozens of pounds since his rookie year. The Celtics asked him to work on a mid-range jumper and he did. Now we are hearing that he's adding additional range to that jumper. Yeah his rebounding needs work and so does his game around the basket, but I believe he's a more diverse player than Leon Powe.

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  • Sheldon Williams is Fat

    thats not the question. the question is you would rather have Sheldon Williams than Leon Powe?
    Powe has shown he can be an explsove double digit contributor. When given the chance to start he’s proven that. Sheldon Williams will always be a inconsistent lucky if you get 6 points a game out of him player.

  • Ok, so if you have Powe instead of Williams… how does that change any of the argument? Williams is the last big off the bench. How many minutes is he gonna get?
    Yeah, Powe is better than Williams. And I don’t think the C’s expected to be able to get them at the same price. But either way, there aren’t any minutes for him.

  • Your right there may not be any minutes for him but he is pro and would come in and preform after many DNP’s as he did in the past. Here is the issue the “Cavs HAve him and he will get minutes there” if the cavs would have signed sheldon Williams I wouldn’t care at all, because they still would have awful back up 4. it’s not the fact that losing him hurts us because your right it most likley didn’t. but it really helped the Cavs. that’s the point.I agree with Blog 99% of the and it is the first website i go to every time I’m online. But come chuck there was room for Powe. the reason we should have signed him is so another team didn’t pick him up like Cavs or Lakers. It’s common sense…till powe came back we would still have KG, WALLACE, PERK, BBD, and SCALLIE, even if one went down we still have 4. the point is they let enemy have player we should have Kept.If any one disagrees please show me the error of my ways.

  • First, I think it’s a miscalculation by the C’s. If they thought he’d come back at the min, then they might have brought him back.
    Second, we might be overvaluing him a little here. And trust me, I love the guy… but I’m not so sure a guy coming back in the middle of the season off major knee surgery is as much of an “answer” for Cleveland as we make him out to be. He’ll be good for them and it’s no risk…. I agree with that… but he’s not the missing piece to the puzzle for them.

  • I don’t think you sign guys just so you can keep them off another team’s roster.
    At some point in his career, Leon would have wanted more minutes. It’s a natural progression.

  • yea but if we would have signed him 2 years?? how old is Wallace and KG?? in 2 years he might got his minutes. but enoungh of this freindly banter I have bloody Mary waiting for me!!!!!!!!Love the sight guys keep it up !!!!!!I’ve learned that life is one crushing defeat after another until you just wish Flanders was dead.

  • idaho_jim

    shelden williams…a not so skinny mikki moore. danny should stick to the drafting board and away from picking the end of the bench….in feb powe will be better than any big we’re paying the minimum to

  • Wiggs Dannyboy

    I think one thing coming into play in the Celts decision to let Leon go was the cumulative affect of three knee surgeries.
    I was told by a doctor some years ago, when I was still puffin Marlboro Reds, that they had a graph of illnesses related to smoking. The graph showed a gradual increase in smoker’s health problems for the first 20 years of smoking. After year 20, the graph shot up like a rocket.
    I’m wondering if the Celts team of Dr’s had similar info on what happens when surgeries are performed numerous times on a body part. I think every surgery leaves new scar tissue, and a build up of that can’t be good.
    I love Leon, but I also realize that I probably don’t know half of what there is to know about his knee health. Celts mngmt knows everything.

  • Danno

    The Celtics would have to pay Leon at least what they paid Shelly Williams, but Leon won’t be ready until after the All-Star break, and there’s a pretty good chance he’ll be ineffective at best, done for good at worst.
    I like Leon, both as a player, and as a personality/community contributer. But that’s overshadowed by 3 knee surgeries before you’re 25 and having to miss at least half of the season.
    The Celtics may not have made the “Nice” decision, but they most certainly made the right decision.

  • Well, we really won’t know if it was the right decision until after we see how Williams and Powe turn out next year.

  • thetitleisours

    You are right of course, but it still sucks.
    If SW fails it will be a double whammy

  • Danno

    IF SW fails, it’s nothing.No worse than Patrick O’Bryant lat year.
    If Rasheed Wallace fails, THAT would be the double whammy.
    Everybody keeps saying they replaced leon with Williams. No, they didn’t. They replaced Leon with Sheed. It’s like everyone forgot they signed sheed.