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More on Pierce from Jared Dudley

Jared is tweeting away from Vegas.  Here's his latest on our guys.

just got back from pick up paul pierce played and look like he was in good shape.. i was on his team today and we went 5-2


KG didnt play but did sit courtside to watch.. our team was paul, big baby, antwain,a johnson and myself, we was running and gunning   

I like these updates.  I'm going to put Jared on our payroll at our going rate.  Chuck, chime in on the comments and correct me if I'm wrong… I think we can offer him 3 years at $0.00 million.

This is part of why I love Twitter.  I like hearing about how a bunch of NBA guys are getting together and running some ball.  I'd LOVE to be a fly on that gym wall.

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  • I originally thought Twitter was lame, but then when I saw all the pro athletes and how you could interact w/them, well, it was on. I also have been really into UStream lately. Last week I was able to shoot the breeze with Rudy Gay, Iguadola and a few others via UStream. None of the C’s (except Marbury off course) have gotten into UStreaming yet. If any of you guys are bored some night, check it out-there’s usually at least 1 or 2 pro athletes or other famous celebs streaming video and live chatting w/fans. I love reading that kind of stuff too John. Seems like Vegas is the place to be offseason for NBA’ers. I know the league holds alot of their rookie orientations and things there. Jared Dudley also is cool as hell. He directly responds to just about all his Tweets.

  • G4L

    Heck if thats low balling him I’ll chip in $000.00!

  • jared

    he should be, he’s earning a heck of a money!

  • I used to LOVE Jared Dudley at BC… I love his game.