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A quick look at how we’ve improved

We've gone through a bit of a metamorphosis this summer.  I was toying around with the roster and decide to take a quick look at just how we've upgraded at certain positions.  Here's a simple look at it

  • 2008-'09 ————– 2009-'10
    Rondo —————– Rondo –> even
    Pierce —————– Pierce –> even
    Ray  ——————– Ray  –> even
    Perk ——————- Perk –> even
    KG ———————- KG –> even
    House —————– House –> even
    Davis —————— Davis –> even
    T.Allen —————- T.Allen –>even
    Scalabrine ———- Scalabrine –>even
    Marbury ————- Daniels –>upgrade
    Powe —————— 'Sheed –> upgrade
    Moore —————- Williams –> slight upgrade
    Pruitt —————- Hudson* –> even/potential upgrade
    Giddens ———— Giddens –> even /potential upgrade
    Walker ————  Walker –> even/potential upgrade


First thing that stands out is the Marbury – Daniels upgrade.  Daniels is an upgrade over Marbury because he fills a more pressing need: get Pierce rest.  But it stands out as the only new player that doesn't match the position of an outgoing player.  That leaves us with that hole at back-up point that everyone keeps talking about.

The other thing that stands out is the Lester Hudson asterisk.  He's still not signed, and we're currently at 14 guys under contract.  Will Hudson win a spot come training camp?  Will the Celtics follow through on prior intimations that Giddens or Walker will be released? 

Even if the roster stands as it is, Hudson, Giddens and Walker are all potential upgrades (even over themselves) because any productive playing time from any of these guys is an upgrade over what the Celtics got last year from those 3 spots.  

So the Celtics have 9 spots on their roster where they can reasonably expect equal performance from last year.  They have 2 spots which are clear upgrades and where the team can expect significantly improved performance.  At 1 spot, they can expect to maybe get something where last year they got nothing.  And any production from the remaining 3 spots is gravy. 

Overall, a very good offseason.  One can argue we're one spot away (back up pg) from having the best off-season in the league.

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  • Hrvoje

    who the fuck is daniels? what did he accomplish?

  • Hrvoje

    sport fans are just idiotic. always pretending of knowing something and prejudging. women fans are opposite, they are great: when they don’t know something they rather stfu than speak nonsense.

  • Hrvoje

    EDIT: *women sport fans

  • Having a nice convo with yourself there?

  • Marquis Daniels? You know… the guy who averaged about 14 ppg last year and is being counted on to spell Paul Pierce?
    Are you telling me he’s NOT an upgrade over Marbury?

  • This blog would be pretty empty if I just “stfu”.
    But hey… you don’t like it… don’t fucking read it. I didn’t tell you to visit us repeatedly. You’re doing it on your own.
    Nice sexist comment, by the way. “Oh, those women… they know their place.”

  • To be honest though…. I think Tony Allen could have averaged 14 ppg if he played on the Pacers last year.
    I’m really excited about Daniels…. but let’s not just throw out that number (14 ppg) and act like it means he’s a tremendous player.

  • Don’t over-react to this idiot……. that’s obviously all he wants.

  • That’s not the only number to throw out there… but it’s the one that resonates the most with people.
    My point is Daniels is an upgrade over what Marbury gave us last year. I don’t think that’s debatable. Aside from that 1 playoff game where he went on a big scoring binge, Marbury was ineffective.

  • Orb

    I’d add that Davis, if not Perk and Rondo, can arguably be slight upgrades of themselves due to the experience of last year’s playoffs.

  • rvr

    let’s do this: assume all players on the list stay healthy. in that case, kg is also an upgrade! DOMINATION!

  • Lee in Oregon

    I’m surprised how much love Shelden Williams is getting in these discussions. To call him an upgrade over Mikki Moore is being really generous. Mikki had one really good year in New Jersey awhile back, which is one more than Shelden, who hasnt done anything in the NBA…. or made any noise on the crummy teams he’s been on. I guess it’s a wash cause he’s certainly not gonna play much.
    Sheed & Daniels are major upgrades…but the biggest upgrade is KG should be back to his old self. maybe even a little pissed off.

  • I called him a SLIGHT upgrade over Mikki Moore in that I think Moore gave us complete shit last year… and I think Williams has to be at least slightly better than shitty.
    I wouldn’t exactly call that love. If he gives us a few minutes here and there without commiting a foul every 30 seconds… then he’s an upgrade.

  • thetitleisours

    Agree with everything.
    I am wondering how important leaving an extra spot is. If they sign Hudson and send him to the D-League, they can limp along like they have done in the past and still make a body for body change at midseason for a PG
    My guess is that Hudson goes to Europe and they limp along with House, Daniels, and TA at backup PG until midseason

  • thetitleisours

    Minor upgrade only because he can board, block shots, and may not foul as much as Mikki. Mikki could certainly shoot better than him and may even have been quicker lol
    But he will just be an occasional defensive substitution.
    He does have a seven foot wingspan, probably the reason he married who he did 😉

  • That’s certainly possible. I purposely didn’t take that into account because I didn’t want to paint TOO rosy a picture. A full season of KG would be an upgrade. Rondo being more consistent would be an upgrade. Perk cutting down on the fouls too.
    One thing that I think gets lost in all of this is the fact that Glen Davis spent about 75% of the season NOT hitting those jumpers. It was only the tail end of the season where he started hitting that consistently. So if he’s hitting that shot over the course of an entire season, you can argue that he’s already an upgrade over last year’s Glen Davis

  • NineSevenEight

    Thanks for sticking up for us ladies, RA!

  • NineSevenEight

    Shelden Williams also isn’t a living cardboard cutout, so that’s an upgrade.

  • Anyone who spends 5 minutes in the NBA twittersphere knows that some of the most knowledgeable people out there are women.

  • WestCoastCelt

    Moore was also a pickup whereas Williams will contribute the whole season plus have the preseason and 82 games to fit in. His D should more than compensate for the one mid-range jumper Moore made a game.
    As much of a fan I am, I have to argue with the starters. Rondo was showing triple-double potential and if he’s taken 4 gazillion jump shots this summer like he should have been, he’s an upgrade. The risk is his ankles, of course.
    Perk proved to himself and the league that he is a dominant defensive center with or without KG. I see him only improving, plus finally getting some respect, hopefully from the refs. There’s no reason his incremental offensive improvements shouldn’t continue. Still I would put his injury risk (shoulder) higher than Rondo’s, but then again there’s more 5 depth than 1 depth.
    KG: just playing 82 games means improvement.
    As for Pierce and Ray, they’re obviously still elite, but they are also obviously riskier and riskier every year. Neither is about to start showing significant growth; we know exactly who they are. That means “even” is a best case scenario, with downgrade (even if slight) more likely. Decline and injury are definitely in play. The only hope for improvement is that the rest Daniels brings makes a major difference. It’s possible.
    Saying all 5 will be no different than last year is simplistic. Only two have room for improvement, while 3 have a chance to decline. All five have injury risk.

  • AMP

    Pound for pound, I don’t think Daniels matches Marbury. I would love another true PG on the roster. Nonetheless, I think its an upgrade. Though I love Marbury and was excited to see what he could do with some C training under his belt and a full season of play.
    With all my respect, I am skeptical all those EVENS will remain even…

  • Josh

    You forgot about one minor point — KG, Pierce and Ray are all a year older!