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Leon Looking for Revenge? Bring It


ESPN.com is reporting that the Cavs and Leon Powe have reached agreement on a two-year deal. I'm guessing Leon's surgically repaired left knee passed extensive testing.

Leon will likely sign a two-year, $1.77 million deal on Wednesday.

According to Chris Sheridan, Leon wants to make the Celtics pay:

Los Angeles, Portland, Dallas, Orlando and Miami also expressed
interest in Powe, whose preference was to remain in the Eastern
Conference and to sign with the team most capable of giving him his
best shot to exact some revenge on the Celtics after they effectively
gave up on him by declining to tender him a qualifying offer.

I've stated this before, I don't blame the Celtics for not offering Leon a qualifying offer. They've essentially replaced him with Rasheed Wallace. Anyone with an ounce of basketball sense realizes that's an upgrade.

If Leon wants to limit his options and sign with the Cavs so he can "exact revenge" on the Celtics, so be it. I'm going to love watching KG, Perk and 'Sheed swat away his shots as he takes his undersized game into the teeth of our defense.

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  • im hoping to watch him and big baby go at it under the boards, talk about entertaining
    as for our guys, perk is really the only guy thats whole offensive repertoire involves posting up, and i just dont see leon having the length to match up with sheed, kg or perk
    who is the first celtic that powe will draw a charge on?

  • Really is the missing piece of the Cavs puzzle. They needed a moble 4 and someone who has won before. I’ll be straight with everyone, if the cavs are healthy (big Key) we might have a tough eastern finals…when you watch sporting events, it’s not whether your team wins or loses; it’s how drunk you get.

  • NineSevenEight

    I love Leon just as much as everyone [sans Ruins:)], but I think it’s a little (a lot, actually) childish for Leon to take things so personally to the point of “wanting revenge.” It’s the NBA. It’s a business. The Celtics gave him his first opportunity in the league. All jobs are based on performance and if you are physically unable to perform (TA would fall under the mentally unable to perform category) for an extended period of time, it make business sense to get an able bodied player as a backup instead. It’s nothing personal. He obviously left Boston with a bad taste in his mouth but it’s ridiculous to wage a personal vendetta against a former employer. What’s there to prove? Leon proved himself enough to everyone in Boston, including Celtics management. We all know the great things he’s capable of. Boston loves Leon, things just didn’t work out. It’s risky to bank your future on uncertainty, that being Leon’s 3rd knee operation in his young career. No one is doubting Leon. The Celtics just need healthy bodies, espeically after the second half of last season.
    I think this goes deeper. Perhaps back to Leon returning from his initial injury too early for the sake of the team. Maybe he feels like he wasn’t appreciated enough for that? Maybe he’s putting blame on the staff for putting him in a position that led to the injury? Maybe he was hoping that gesture of being a team player would seal his roster spot? Not sure. Who knows? I’ll cheer for him regardless of what jersey he wears, I just want to see him succeed even if it’s with a rival team. Leon should just take the high road like he has his entire life without malice in his heart.

  • idaho_jim

    i like powe over baby any day. this dosen’t sit well with me for some reason. the kid has grit, heart, can throw it down in traffic and gets to the charity stripe. but wallace is an upgrade, still, no brainer for clev or any other team that made him a offer with a 2nd year team option.

  • Count me as someone who thinks Sheridan is using wild hyperbole when he says that Powe said he wants to extract some revenge on the Celtics.

  • Powe is better than Baby…
    Remember that when KG went down… Doc first turned to Leon. Leon was putting up better numbers than Baby did when Baby eventually started. Just because of Leon’s injury, everyone forgot about what Leon did and jumped on the Leon bandwagon.
    And Leon wants to win… that’s probably why he went to Cleveland more than anything else.

  • Don’t get me wrong, I appreciated what Leon did for the Celtics but realistically what’s his upside? Someone name me one of his moves? He has no range outside of 5 feet, tends to force shots up in traffic with no realistic chance of making them, and remains injury prone (obviously). He draws fouls but defenders have adapted and let him force up wild shots rather than full out contesting them. Baby is two years younger, has been developing his jump shot (something Powe will never do) and has shown the ability to remain healthy (knock on wood). Leon works better than Davis against a few teams, but overall, Davis is the better option and better talent.

  • Bas Rutten Jr.

    I wonder how much time he’ll even manage to get.

  • ILL WILL 365

    honestly, do we really care about Leon, I mean I loved him for what he did, but he will never be a starter. There for do we really care. If Williams grows some balls, he will bring the same exact game to the celtics. I’m happy having a guy similar and who can play right away, not waiting until after the allstar break. Right?

  • ILL WILL 365

    PS, Leon sitting on the bench on a team that may or may not beat us doesn’t count as revenge. Sorry bud

  • idaho_jim

    powe can dunk in traffic and make his foul shots. baby dosent dunk and frankley his fat ass had trouble finishing at the rim in the post season. why would you want the big who can hit the 19′ but not finish with authority? who’s gonna respect that game? but the upside is there with davis, and i’m happy he’s not going anywhere. Maybe he dropped some weight so he can Throw It Down Big Man…that’s right i pulled a walton on you

  • I think boston was just worried about the ACL tear and the surgery he went through, those injuries in basketball rarely DONT linger. And Perhaps they didn’t have the money to get big baby and Powe.

  • Two-Buck Chuck

    Wild hyperbole. Well put. Sheridan is just projecting a storyline.

  • FSantos33

    Celtics know something the Cavs don’t know about Powe. That’s my take on it. I love Powe for what he has done in Boston too but I think the joke is on the Cavs for rolling the dice on a guy that has 45 year old knees.

  • Shawn-cvd

    It’s about the roster spot not the money. We’ve addressed our need to get bigger up front and a back up wing to give PP and Allen some rest. Williams gives us even more depth and keeps Baby honest as they’ll battle for the fourth big spot. Let’s not forget that due to injuries last year Leon and then (gulp) Scal was our first big off the bench…
    Were there no roster limits Leon would be here especially for 1.77 million with a team option on 2nd year.

  • nick

    U know what, Fuck this guy seriously! Ya he had a tough life and I respect him getting to where he’s at, but does this dude 4get who traded for him on draft night and gave him his first taste of NBA Money Cmon now, LEON isn’t the type of guy weho gets “Revenge” he is a good solid bench player but he is essentially replacing Joe Smith as Varejao’s backup. He is a decent pickup if healthy, but do we think he is better then BIG BABY? K.G? Sheed? Perk? aT THIS POINT i WOULD WHOLE HEARTEDLY TAKE SHELDEN OVER HIM, AND WHEN ALL U REDS ARMY readers were crying and saying OMG we cant get rid of Leon…What did I say? Fuck Leon, Fuck Morals and all that other crap, I want # 18…and who gives us a better chance to defend and bang and intimidate The Howards Bynums and Shaqs and Duncans and Gasols and all the other bigs, Shelden Baby and Sheed not Powe, Powe’s Defense has never been all that good since he is 2 slow for quick forwards and not strong enough or long enough for bigger forwards. All I know is that U can officially rule Cleveland out of the coversation with Boston L.a Orlando and the Spurs.. adding a bunch of overrated bench guys such as Moon Powe and Parker along with the Big Fossil is not enough to take a core of Lebron and..Um…Um ya just Lebron anywhere..Cleveland doesn’t Rock they fucking Blow. Its gona be just like 07 if we face those scrubs in the 2nd round, they’ll be decent but we have wayyyy more all star players, and now they cant make up for it by being a deeper team, our bench makeover makes us deeper too……True Story

  • Lee in Oregon

    Leon wants revenge? Not scared and I doubt any of the Celtic bigs are either. I loved Leon, his inside scoring and getting to the line will be missed for sure. But lets remember the guy is coming off his 4th? knee surgery, and this recent one was pretty major. I think it was always gonna come down to either Leon or Baby, and I’m cool with DA’s decision to go with Baby….I think he has more upside to his game. How many undersized power forwards do u need?
    Having said that though, it is a good pick-up for Cleveland….but maybe a bit redundant- most of the bigs there cant shoot from outside the paint (Shaq, Sideshow Andy, Powe)….Ilgauskas is the only big guy there that can stretch the defense. This will be a huge advantage to the Celts. Leon will be attempting to exact his revenge against a packed down D and against way taller guys.
    C’s have a great bench now, but dont expect to see much of Shelden until they’re up (or God forgive down) about 20 with less than 5 minutes left.

  • dom1020

    hate em, but he was the reason celtics won game 2 in the finals last year.

  • Stick to the facts.

    revenge for leon powe? guy doesnt have a vindictive bone in his body. stick to covering celtics news then gossip from “sources” to make you feel better about losing a truly bargin player. Unless its from the horses mouth theres not bad blood. He was extremly classy when they interviewed him after being kicked to the curb, don’t play into that gargage.

  • David

    man idk y u ppl disrespectin Powe, he sayin tht shit becuz he wants to be appreciated by the thing he do 2 years ago at the finals, he scored big in one of the finals against Lakers, yall need to respect this dude for things he did for the Celtics