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Hey Lebron, this is how you handle getting dunked on

That's John Wall, a soon-to-be Kentucky Wildcat, dunking on Jerry Stackhouse.  Now, Stack is not LeBron… but he is showing LeBron here how to handle getting dunked on. 

Step one:  Inbound the ball
Step two:  Continue playing basketball

That's it.  In fact, you can see Stack looking for the ball so he can take advantage of Wall's celebration… and maybe score a couple of points while everyone's oooh'ing and aaaah'ing. 

If it wasn't for LeBron's insanity, I wouldn't have even posted this dunk.  Sure, it's a nice dunk… but it's not a big deal.  Because things like that happen in basketball. 

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  • gotribe13

    If you watched the LeBron video, you would see that’s the exact same thing LeBron did after he got dunked on.

  • I agree with gotribe13.
    I firmly believe that it wasn’t Lebron that sent that that person up to confiscate the video. It was Nike. All the hype about Lebron being the censor comes from fansites who dislike the Cavs or follow teams that have to contend with the Cavs in the playoffs.

  • Just to add, the whole “Lebron doesn’t want the tape out…” comes from one guy who said he saw Lebron say something to a Nike handler, who later walked over and confiscated the tape.
    What did we learn in journalism school? Is one source enough for a story? Does supposition or assumption make a story? I’m afraid not.