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Gasol has finger surgery

Minor note on Pau Gasol… who had surgery on his non-shooting hand.  I bring this up to keep in the back of your minds… just in case it comes up during the season.  It shouldn't, but because Pau is as hard as a half-cooked marshmallow, I expect it to be played up somehow, some way 5 months from now.

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  • thetitleisours

    There has to be a joke in there somewhere 😉

  • Pau Gasol is as hard as a half-cooked marshmallow?
    Ill never understand that
    no, the 2008 celtics were just better then the 2008 lakers

  • thetitleisours
  • Joseph

    As hard a soft cooked marshmellow? Well that marshmellow kept Dwight Howard in check during the finals, you know…something the Suckdics couldn’t do during their playoff series against Orlando.

  • thetitleisours

    He Lakewhores fan, Perk held him in check quite well. The team ran out of gas and depth, something that will not happen this year.
    LA, City of Douches

  • Pau sitting out the summer games with spanish national team is great for the lakers, hell be ready and rested come NBA season and finger injuries are easily healable and wont affect his shot for next year.

  • Joseph

    Then Perkins must be just as as soft as Gasol then huh.
    Boston …. Home of Suckdic fans!!!

  • thetitleisours

    The only sucdic’s are people that troll on other fans Blogs.Get a life!!
    No wonder Laker fans are the most disliked in the NBA. Thanks for representing your fans this way