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Danny & Baby discuss their new looks

One thing we noticed yesterday was Danny Ainge’s new stressed out distinguished grey look.  I was so distracted by that, that I didn’t notice how much thinner Glen Davis looked (although many of you mentioned it in the comments).

Gary Tanguay noticed that stuff too… because he talked to Danny and Baby about their new looks, among other things, after their news conference.

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  • FSantos33

    After hearing BBD’s interview he doesn’t seem too thrilled to be back for what he got contract wise but obviously he is very happy that the process is over. Danny doesn’t seem too concerned about the backup PG situation. He mentioned Daniels can play some point…hmm.. we’ll see about that right…. TA got some props for playing backup PG for Rondo and beating the Lakers by 20. I am not worried about it. Daniels, House, and TA can be backup PG by committee to start the season. We’ll be fine.

  • Danno

    I don’t think Baby is really bummed with the Celts though, as much as he’s bummed that the lowered salary cap in the NBA messed up his chances of getting a bigger payday. He knew the Celtics would wait and match, he’s just bummed he didn’t get bigger offers elsewhere because most other teams had their hands tied.

  • thetitleisours

    He mentioned it was a business but too bad he never mentioned the support from the Celtics loyals

  • Did anybody else hear the first person Ainge discussed after asked if he’s happy with the point guard position…
    TONY ALLEN!?!?!?

  • Baby didn’t seem too happy to be back…..

  • I wouldn’t be surprised if the Daniels thing ends up sending Scalabrine to Indiana…. Danny sounded confident that both Daniels and TA would be here next year.

  • c j run

    I dont’ want to ever see TA in a Celtics uniform again. He always plays like the game is on fast forward. Makes stupid passes, stupid fouls, stupid shots. Occasionally he’ll make a cool dunk but other than that he’s just a waste. It’s time to get rid of him. Send him to Chicago. Ha ha ha.

  • Man, I wonder if Baby noticed that ballboy hitting on his chick in the back right of the Ainge video…

  • Just kidding BBD…lol