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Wow, Danny… under a little stress?

Baby shelden has this photo posted from today's news conference… and my honest-to-God first reaction to seeing it was…

"who's the old guy at the end?"

Holy crap, this summer has not been kind to Mr. Ainge.  I bring this up not to bust on a guy who's going grey (hello kettle?…. this is the pot…).  I just couldn't help but notice.

Just to make this post somewhat legitimate… I'd like to clarify something that was reported earlier about Shelden Williams.  While he did, indeed, sign for the veteran minimum… he did not sign for $1.3 million.  That's the minimum for a 10+ year vet.  Since the minimum is determined on a sliding scale based on years of service… Shelden is actually going to make $855,189 (table with salaries here). 

So when we've been saying things like "Big Baby must be pissed to get a $2-something million offer if Shelden is making $1.3 mil"…. we were all wrong

More pics from the presser, after the jump.



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  • FSantos33

    Wow, DA stopped coloring his hair. True stressful grey revealed.
    BBD looks thinner, and Sheldon hmm.. as long as he plays D’ and grabs rebounds I won’t make fun of his appearance.

  • Lakerhater

    Its ok Danny, trying to trade Tony Allen would do that to anyone.

  • Lee in Oregon

    Ainge may be showing the effects of a busy offseason (and a heart attack)….but BIG BABY looks great! The reports of him slimming down appear true…I was impressed. Oliver Miller he will not be. If you think how fast he developed and added the jumper, he could still get significantly better in the next couple years.
    Shelden Williams appears happy to still be in the league, and a part of the most successful organization in the history of professional sports. He’s actually the perfect practice player for Davis, since Leon wont be in camp. Supposedly BBD and Powe went pretty hard at eachother in practice.

  • Kyle

    Jeez. Danny is working too hard. What happened to him? Take it easy. We’re loaded now.

  • FSantos33

    Yo Reds, Jerry Stackhouse was recently waived by Memphis. Do you know what is his salary desire? Think he’ll be good fit for us?
    Jerry didn’t ask anyone to hide this tape… JS got Wall’d.

  • love seeing baby back
    sheldon? we’ll see if he can replace powe, but a pretty good guy to try and do it with, so no complaints

  • gibby

    Danny looks like a drunken uncle in the last pic .
    Dude looks loco

  • jay

    Danny looks much better with the natural look. The dye job was a bad look.

  • rav

    Dude. Shelden Williams’ face looks like one of those pictures of people after they’ve gone through a FaceMorph application or something.
    I wonder why Candace Parker chose him – they’re plenty of NBA players not as famous as her who look better than this guy. He obviously must have a great personality.