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What will the Celtics do with Tony Allen?

Tony allen The offseason is starting to wind down.  We know Big Baby is about to signWe know Marquis Daniels is about to signAnd we know that much of what the Celtics have been doing this offseason included an effort to trade Tony Allen.

That hasn't gone so well.  Now the Celtics have a decision to make.  Buy him out, or try to get one more season out of him.

I know…  I know… 90% of you just started to look for the comments link to start trashing Tony and saying we should get rid of him.  And they could.  They could try to give him a million dollars or so now and say good riddance.  But that doesn't just get him off the books.  There's a percentage of the difference between what he WAS going to get paid…. and what the buyout number is… that still counts against the cap.  Since Tony is making $2.5 million, all the numbers we're talking about here are so close… that it won't make a ton of financial difference if the team cuts him or keeps him.

The Davis and Daniels signings will put them about $15 million over the luxury tax threshold.  If the team is going to be paying about that amount regardless… why would they cut Tony Allen?  Why would Wyc Grousbeck agree to pay millions of dollars for a player that isn't even around… especially when he's physically capable of not only playing… but playing well.

Yes, I chose the qualifying term "physically" there for a reason.  No one really knows what an offseason of being shopped is going to for Tony's fragile psyche.  BUT… no one really knows what a contract year is going to do for his playing ability, either. 

The writing is on the wall for Tony Allen.  The Celtics don't really want him on the team.  But they might not have a choice but to keep him.  The thing is, we've seen him be great (and we've seen him do some mind-blowingly stupid things).  Despite all of the horrible turnovers and boneheaded decisions, we've seen the potential in Tony Allen to do great things.  Maybe that's why the outcry is a passionate one.  We're pissed that our potential prodigy hasn't lived up to his… well… potential.  But he's still a young guy (he'll be 28 in January) who can earn himself one more good contract with a good year under his belt.

Tony Allen is the most frustrating player we've seen in this town for a long time.  And while we don't know what he's going to bring this year, I can guarantee you this:  He'll frustrate the hell out of us one more time.  He's either going to be the same hot-and-cold, turnover-prone head case that we all want out of town.  Or he's going to dazzle us with sick dunks, lock-down D, and 20-points-off-the-bench jaw droppers that will lead to "WHY COULDN'T HE DO THAT ALL THE TIME" comments for about 9 months.

The C's apparently haven't been able to make a move to get him out of here, so now they actually have a choice to make.  Suck it up, pay the money and get him out of here… or roll the dice on his talent and potential in a contract year.

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  • Lex

    Tony Allen is actually good at being a 10th man. That said, I’d rather have Bowen.

  • I don’t get why everybody hates him. I’m in the other 10%.
    I mean, he can be frustrating at times… but so can Rondo, Ray, even Pierce.

  • thetitleisours

    I do not hate TA, but would rather keep Giddens and Walker. It is not TA so much as his roster spot we need to sign Hudson and a vet PG. We have enough guys to fill his shoes.
    Although they have used him at PG in the past. Wonder is he has been working on his ball handling skills lol

  • Danno

    Death threats?
    Being a knucklehead in his personal life and putting the team in danger?
    Woefully inconsistent play on top of being a knucklehead?
    Fucked up lookin grille?
    take your pick.

  • CFH

    The death threats thing last playoffs was what put me into the anti-Tony 90%.
    I don’t want him standing next to the other 14 guys on the team. This is unrealistic, unreasonable, and unfair of me, and I have no way of knowing what actually happened, but I don’t care.

  • The death threats thing is garbage. Who knows what was actually going on.
    Paul Pierce was attacked and stabbed with several teammates right next to him… does that mean he was putting the entire team in danger???
    It could have just been some crazy guy who TA didn’t give an autograph to one time. The Celtics would have released right that minute if they really thought he was putting the entire team in danger.

  • Thing thing that gets me most about TA is his wild inconsistency. The fact that he can’t seem to get his head straight and play ball.

  • I say bite the bullet and buy him out. Use his spot to try and develop someone younger. He had his chance. The few times he impresses me he makes up for it several times over with terrible play.

  • FSantos33

    Good write-up Reds. “Contract Year” for Tony Allen. We all have seen what those two little words mean to most players. Usually they will overachieve and hustle like nobody’s business playing their hearts out. Well, at least that’s what I am hoping for if TA is still with the team. Honestly, I see TA being traded midway through the season due to his expiring contract and someone might take DA’s bate later on. Nobody is falling for it now because of TA’s playoff (off the court issues) and some injury he had at the end of last season. Hope TA can redeem himself if he stays. If he is gone then I would suggest TA to sign with one of those crazy Greek teams. He’ll fit right in there.

  • Bas Rutten Jr.

    Remember that month or so RIGHT before he blew out his knee on that dunk? He was playing like an All-Star. But that’s when Paul was out and he was our #1 go to guy. He STEPPED up. But with so much talent in front of him, I’m not sure he’ll be confident enough to show his shit. I love Tony. If he just choose to not jump for pump fakes, he’d be a lockdown defender. Better than Bowen is at the moment. I say keep him. Plus, I think he’s a cool dude. 🙂

  • Finn G

    He’s an expiring contract (same with Scalabrine). They’re not gonna cut him now because partway through the season when teams are realizing they have no chance of making the playoffs are going to look to get some larger contracts off their cap for 2010 free agency. With Scal at 3.5 mil and Allen at 2.5 mil the Celtics could trade for a 6 mil or under player (most likely for a backup point guard to rondo). Those could be important trading pieces for the rest of the season. And at that point whatever team we trade them to, won’t care about Tony Allen’s “antics” or playing ability but only about the fact that he comes off the books.

  • Lee in Oregon

    Lock Down D? Child, please! TA playing lock down D is the biggest myth in the history of the Boston Celtics. TA is at best, an adequate defender who still has not earned the respect of NBA officials. Just ask jeff van Gundy.
    As Lex and others have said, he’s a decent 10th or 12th man, and this is a contract year for him. Having said that, I’d rather see what Giddens can do in blowouts than watch Tony dribble the ball off his foot and pick up (quite frankly) stupid fouls.
    The most important thing to know about Tony Allen is that when the championship rings were passed out last year, TA had his made into a “pinky-ring”….
    Also, anyone who is thinking, “what about when Pierce went down and TA averaged almost 20 a game?” The answer- that was the 2nd worst team in the NBA, Tony took ALOT of shots, and they won about 2 games in that streak.
    Having said all that, I see no reason to cut him or buy him out. Get ML Carr into camp and he can teach Tony all the nuances of towel waving..

  • thetitleisours

    What is your guess at the final roster? Will we keep 13, 14, or 15 players?

  • Tony is too stupid to realize it is a contract year for him

  • nick

    Nothing but haters, TA has the talent of d-wade and the intelligence of vince young i’ll admit that and im a huge TA fan the thing is all the haters of ta have never played basketball or are too oblivious to realize the raw potential this guy has its not something you buy out…hold on to him let him prove himself with some minutes per game and everybody will be back on the Ta train in no time.

  • I think we’ll go into the season with 14. We’re very much set in the post. I think Danny’s going to invite a veteran PG to camp… have a little competition… and then go into the season with an open spot in case the C’s need to make a mid-season move.

  • Hrvoje

    Tony says he’s sorry. Because all the blame is on him.

  • jam a lam

    TA may have the talent of D-Wade, but we haven’t seen it consistantly. That’s the biggest problem with him. How many chances does this guy need?
    When he doesn’t play well he lets it get to him, and then he’s not sure of his shot again for a couple games. We can’t afford to have him come in and make a stupid foul like he did against Detroit and loses us the game? Claim he has lock down defense? Then why did he send Chauncy to the free throw line, that lost us the game? I want to like him but I can’t. He’s had his chances, more than most people get and yet he’s still around. I think it’s time we send him packing and develop the younger Walker, free up a roster spot and get a good back up for Rondo. Never know who we can pick up during the season. I’d rather have empty spots in case. Sorry TA you gotta go.

  • thetitleisours

    I remember DA saying that either Giddens or Walker will not be on the team. One had to go.
    I am happy to think that he has changed his mind about that.
    If 14, then TA needs to go, Hudson to Europe, and the a backup vet PG spot will be open with one roster spot oleft

  • Bas Rutten Jr.


  • Lee in Oregon

    TA and D Wade in the same sentence?
    Child, PLEASE!!!!
    In the words of John McEnroe…”You cannot be serious!!” They each have a championship ring, albeit TA’s is a pinky ring….and thats where the comparison ends…
    I don’t hate the guy or anyone on the C’s….he’s had his chances and will be an NBA journeyman. Nothing wrong with that, especially for a 2-guard who cant shoot.