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The two most recent Timberwolves coaches

Mchale rambis

I don't know.  Maybe this photo is symbolic of something in Minnesota.  Or maybe it's just an odd coincidence.  Whatever it is… I'm glad I have an excuse to post it.

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  • PxFunk

    Speaking of tough guys…

  • Hibachi_style

    Yup, a Laker is needed to clean up the mess of a Suckdic. Frankenstein McHale has destroyed that T’Wolve basketball organization. Not only did he give KG away for absolutely nothing, he traded Brandon Roy to Portland and got nothing in return (yes Randy Foye is NOTHING).
    Typical Suckdic, f’ing something up. A Laker will clean up the mess there.

  • How did Rambis clean up a mess in that photo? Did his larynx clean some sweat off his forearm?
    Typical Lakers fan, seeing what he wants… not seeing reality.

  • CFH

    Anyone who thinks Al Jefferson is nothing has zero credibility.
    One of the best basketball pictures ever.

  • Hibachi_style

    You mean you don’t see the mess Frankenstein McHale created in Minnesota? Minnesota is said to have lost almost $20M last year. Why? Because he gave away KG for nothing as well as Brandon Roy … for nothing (oh and what about that Joe Smith/salary cap incident). Are you f’n blind? McHale is a sh*t executive and a Laker (Rambis) is needed to go in and coach that mess of a team.
    Typical Suckdic fan, seeing what he wants and ignoring the facts.

  • Joseph

    If Al Jefferson was the next great thing, why were the Suckdics so quick to get rid of him. Al Jefferson is overrated. You can’t see that, you don’t know basketball.

  • Joseph

    Rambis is going in to clean up the mess that Frankenstein McHale created. McHale gave up KG for nothing and he gave up Brandon Roy for nothing. Oh and don’t forget about the Joe Smith/salary cap tampering incident). McHale has ruined the T’Wolves organization.
    Typical Suckdic fan, seeing what he wants and ignoring the FACTS

  • WC

    Typical Suckdics fans….reliving something so far in the past that bears NO resemblance to anything on the current team.
    Quaking in yer boots a little, are we??