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Powe close to signing with Cleveland

According to Adrian Wojnarowski on twitter.

If Leon Powe's
rehabbing knee checks out with team doctors Tuesday in Cleveland, he
will sign a 2-year deal with Cavs, source tells Y! Spts

I find it interesting that his knee would be healthy enough right now for a team to sign him.  Credit to Leon for working his butt off.  I won't be happy to see him in a Cavs uni, though. 

Of course, as I was typing, there was another tweet.

The deal for Powe
would be for the minimum salary, with Cavs holding option for 2010-'11.
Powe is expected to return by All-Star break.

It's a no-risk deal.  A minimum salary guy who could potentially be a second half contributor.  If he can't make it, you cut him and move on without 2010-11 ramifications. 

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  • FSantos33

    Mixed feelings all around about Powe. It would be painful to see him in a Cav Uniform. I get the whole business thing with the Celtics but we totally fucked up on this one in my opinion. I wish Powe the best, hope he doesn’t haunt us in clutch moments.

  • Man, couldn’t we even get him the minimum with a team option? This is getting depressing…

  • Angry Turk AKA ssshady35

    Say it aint so Danny!!! I would not let LP go to the Cav’s any other team but not the Cavs. Powe is a great defender and a animal on the boards. I think we should sign him to our final roster spot and try to trade one of our other players like Scal or T. Allen or even Walker to make space for LP. He deserves it. I know he is at risk of the same injury but if he’s willing to accept the minimum I would sign him. The guy is hungry and always willing to do what ever it takes to get the job done. We don’t want to face a mad Leon Powe in the playoffs.

  • um this is bad mmmk. All they really needed was back up 4 to comeplete the puzzle. only good thing about this I don’t think mike brown knows what do with this many good players I see this going down.
    Mike Brown:I’ve got some new plays drawn up for this season, and believe me, we’re going to light other teams up. They’re not going to know what hit them when I bust out the “reverse motion” offense. Every defense in the league is designed to stop teams from getting to the basket, so they won’t know what to do when Delonte dishes it to LeBron running away from the basket at full-speed.
    God now i’m taken the day off to drink Curse you chuck for posting the wine but curse danny for not signing Leon……I’m normally not a praying man, but if you’re up there, please save me Superman.

  • You really think leon powe puts them over the top?
    Ive been a davis over powe guy since day one, unlike many others, so this doesnt bother me, really at all..and it should barely even be making headlines outside of celtics/cavs related blogs…somehow how it is, but in reality this doesnt do a whole lot for them at all, sorry powe.
    and to all the people whining about danny for not signing him. who gave him his chance in the NBA? where did leon get a ring? DA made the right decision, and now powe is doing the same exact thing turning around signing with a rival

  • Powe got the mins baby didn’t when they won it all. Powe brings hard Work, energy hussell, and runs the floor really well for a 4. Just like he helped our 2nd unit I think he will really help the Cavs. as for a whinning goes… I don’t do it except when i make it.. every time I learn something new, it pushes some old stuff out of my brain. Remember when I took that home winemaking course, and I forgot how to drive?
    Wife: you were drunk.
    Jester00: And How
    hate to see him leave, just think danny blew this one not losing any sleep over it this one. relax have beer

  • bigmck

    Danny decided that having Shelden Williams for a full-season was better than having Leon Powe for a half-season.
    With Wallace in the mix, someone was going to lose minutes. Might as well be the guy coming off major surgery.

  • actually the year we won the championship, glen davis played more regular season minutes then leon powe. look it up.
    while powe played more minutes in the playoffs, its not a huge suprise considering BBD was a rookie and docs history with playing rookies…it was truly amazing that he played and contributed as much as he did that season.
    Powe had 1 big game, yes in the finals while being defended by luke walton (phil jacksons biggest blunder ever?) and he will be eternally overrated because of it.
    This season he wasnt good…at all, he had regressed and it was pain to watch him ,his moves were predictable meanwhile glen davis added to his game and got more consitent minutes yet again, not to mention he stayed healthy.
    how could it even be argued unblindly that danny made the wrong move here? 3rd serious injury on an average role player, re-signing davis and a former lottery pick in the leon powe mold in williams…

  • We agree to disagree I may be wrong and i hope so. I just have this fear Leon will run Big Baby to death in eastern finals. either way go Celtics!!! and Go Buckeyes!!!!!!

  • I will be courtside in Powe jersey 02/25/10

    Mark my words, this will not end well for us. Celtics will play Cavs in playoffs in the most likely scenario and having powe on the other side with something to prove will not be in our favor. I’m sure has-been sheldon williams was a much better signing?
    Powe will be the extra gas the cavs need. You will see.

  • quality Simpsons quote there.

  • celtified

    i think the cavs were willing to pay for shooting down the chance powe would sign on later in the season. best case scenario now is he doesn’t play at all year, cavs dont pickup his option for 10-11, and Danny gets him back for a year plus in a producing role. no one on the C’s should begrudge him for picking up a check while rehabbing