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Reggie Miller is Very Persistent (with engaged women)


According to Deadspin, this banner was flown over beaches in southern California. There's nothing like a little public humiliation.

Apparently, Reggie Miller was in hot pursuit of this engaged chick named Ali Kay.

He also allegedly harassed her by phone, including sending her 53 text messages over the course of less than four hours.

When confronted by von Furstenberg, according to the complaint, Miller turned threatening:

"He said he had friends with guns. He implied I would get hurt if I
didn't stop questioning him on his inappropriate pursuit of my fiancee
and his attempts to subvert his efforts."

Just 53 texts in four hours? C'mon Reggie, I thought you liked this broad.

Pics of this chick are after the jump. You tell us if she was worth the hassle.


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  • Not bad, but not worth it.

  • Wiggs Dannyboy

    Absolutely…wait..I want to hear her talk first.

  • next time think twice about sending in your question to reggie’s mailbag
    imagine how funny it would be to hear reggie threaten you with the voice he has
    53 texts in 4 hours?, thats a pretty petty attempt at more t mobile endorsements if you ask me
    Does anybody else have the feeling that his friends with guns consist of former teammates? no not ron artest or stephen jackson there is now way those nut jobs liked him; Rick Smits and austin croshere got his back for sure though

  • I’d like a list of names of which of his friends have guns. I’d like to ask them if they are married, and if they are sure Reggie hasn’t gone hunting for their wives…

  • Danno

    I just have one stupid question:
    Why do we believe some nobody douchebag is telling the truth, and not trying to extort Reggie with false accusations?

  • I knew it was going to be a white chick before even seeing the pictures…. all I had to see was the name Reggie Miller.

  • Two-Buck Chuck

    The nobody douchebag is “the son of fashion legend Diane von Furstenberg and stepson of media mogul Barry Diller.”
    I think he’ll do OK without Cheryl Miller’s spare change.

  • broke this story first. Copies of the original restraining order against reggie are their and signed by von furstenberg

  • juan

    This guy is still a nobody compared to Reggie Miller. Never heard of the guy before this story came out. And who cares who he is related to, that doesn’t make you a somebody.

  • Ed Teach

    Just because you have never heard of them doesn’t make them a nobody. There are lots of extremly rich people that have no desire to have their name all over the media.
    Barry Diller is a Billionaire on Forbes list, just because you have never heard of him doesn’t mean he is a nobody. Also, someone from his family wouldn’t neeed Reggie’s chump change.

  • Danno

    Just because they have money doesn’t make them a “somebody” either.
    I guess the better question here is:
    “When did become Perez Hilton or TMZ, and why are we talking abotu fashion designers and how much money they have instead of, you know, CELTICS BASKETBALL????”

  • Q: “When did become Perez Hilton or TMZ, and why are we talking abotu fashion designers and how much money they have instead of, you know, CELTICS BASKETBALL????”
    A: Because it’s funny and everybody hates Reggie Miller.
    -Correction, one person doesn’t hate Reggie Miller

  • Juan

    Ok, so hypothetically speaking, if KG was my uncle, that would make me a somebody according to your argument. I didn’t know it was that easy to be a somebody. Lets bring this back to basketball.

  • Danno

    everybody here loved Reggie when he was thinking about coming out of retirement for the C’s.

  • Two-Buck Chuck

    Uh, this post wasn’t about basketball in the first place.
    The point was that this guy doesn’t sound like he is financially challenged to the degree that he needs to make up a BS story to try to cadge some dough off of Cheryl Miller. Maybe you have reached a different conclusion, so if you have any facts to support your argument, let’s hear it.