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Glen Davis Gets 2 Year, $6.3 Million Contract


Via the Boston Herald:

Glen Davis could sign a new contract with the Celtics as early as today or tomorrow, according to a source close to negotiations between the restricted free agent and the team.

Davis agreed to a two-year contract worth approximately $6.3
million, including a starting point of approximately $3 million next
season, during talks Friday and yesterday. He was in town and expected
to take a physical today before officially signing the deal.

Great work Danny.  This is a steal of a deal for a player of Glen Davis' caliber. If BBD continues to progress like he has the past two years, he will get his payday when the contract is up.

Nothing new on Marquis Daniels. It still looks like he'll get the bi-annual money ($1.9 million).

Rookie Lester Hudson is expected to resume full workouts in two weeks. His agent, Lance Young, tells the Globe that Hudson has impressed the C's so far:

“Minicamp and Summer League were an eye-opener for the Celtics. They
knew [Hudson] could score, but the leadership and defense he brought
was a surprise. He didn’t talk junk, he just did his work and went
about his business.

Young says if the Celtics decide to go with a veteran, Hudson could end up in Europe.

So much for Mark Jackson being a lock for the T-Wolves coaching job. Lakers assistant Kurt Rambis has that sewn up. Who will man the Lakers bench during those road games the ailing Phil Jackson can't coach? Brian Shaw?

Hey Rajon Rondo – how about updating that blog of yours? We want to know what you are up to.

And here are some words of wisdom from Ray Allen who seems to be enjoying his new Twitter page:

Remember you were not born a winner, and you were not born a loser. You are what you make yourself be.

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  • Everything is falling in place. Its going to be a great year!

  • thetitleisours

    Who are the available PG’s out there? It seems to me they may be more polished at the point, but the ones mentioned are much softer on D and cannot rebound like Hudson.
    But maybe for limited minutes on a championship run, they may go for the vet.
    Seems like one way or another we get to keep him so that is good news.
    Dumping TA and signing Hudson and a vet PG would be preferable to me, but all depends on how they want the roster numbers shaping up
    Can we still trade for Barnes? 😉

  • Jp

    Funny how all the bad years still linger in the mind. This off season seems almost too good. I’m nervous to see how it all plays out during the season. Seems like Hudson should be all we need assuming we keep our health. I’ll just put blind faith in DA to help you guys sell more of my shirts come May and June!

  • Ainge played out the big baby situation perfectly, great job by DA, im super glad to have baby back
    interesting that Aldrige has daniels as rondo’s backup

  • goingfor18

    This is great news..but i still am wondering about Leon. Is he coming back? News on him? I might have missed news on this sometime earlier this summer.