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Celtics 3rd in David Aldridge Offseason Rankings

TNT analyst David Aldridge ranks the off-season moves of all the teams in the league.

Among the championship contenders, he puts the Celtics third, behind San Antonio and Los Angeles. Keep in mind, this was done before the Celtics re-signed Big Baby, but I'm not sure it would have altered the rankings.

DA's Offseason Rank: No. 3

Last season: 62-20, first place, Atlantic; Lost in second round of playoffs.

Added: F/C Rasheed Wallace (free agent, Detroit; two years, $11.6 million), Marquis Daniels (free agent, Indiana)

Lost: F Leon Powe

Retained: None

The key man: C
Kendrick Perkins. He's the glue to Boston's half-court defense, and
showed he could handle a little more of the offensive load after
Garnett went down. But chronic shoulder problems are a concern.

The skinny:
The 6-foot-10 Wallace makes the Celtics the Lakers East — potentially
huge in the frontcourt alongside the 6-foot-11 Garnett and Perkins
(6-foot-10). They can send defenders from all angles, and their length
will make passing out of the double team difficult. Daniels will be a
solid backup for Rajon Rondo. Garnett has been a maniac this summer,
recovering from the knee injury that kept him out of the playoffs. When
he's back, Boston's back.

"Garnett has been a maniac this summer?" I like the sounds of that.

It's tough to argue with the rankings, especially since San Antonio added loads of quality talent and the defending champion Lakers brought back Lamar Odom and grabbed Ron Artest. Aldridge apparently doesn't like all the moves made by Cleveland, he has them ranked 7th.

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  • I can see KG working out like a “maniac”. He must be chomping at the bit. That man absolutely loves the game and it must be killing him waiting to get back out there on the court. It’s great that D.Aldridge mentioned how key Perk was to our interior defense last year. He deserves alot of credit for the job he did on DHoward and his overall defensive presence last season. Let’s hope his shoulder stays healthy this year-not an easy task considering he’ll be banging with some of the biggest/strongest men in the world every night. Artest was a huge pick-up for the Fakers. Now they’re success will depend on which Artest they get. Those in the know seem to believe Ron-Ron will not thrive in the high-pressure, high-profile enviornment that is L.A. The Spurs’ acquiring RJ was great for them. They really needed to get a bit younger and also this give them another offensive threat if Ginobli does not bounce back well from his injury. This should be a very exciting, competitive NBA season…..

  • Wiggs Dannyboy

    I tell ya what I don’t like…being called “the lakers of the east.”
    FUCK THAT! David Aldridge is a DOUCHE for putting it that way.

  • jam a lam

    Agreed. Maybe the Lakers are the Celtics of the West. Even then I’m not so sure.

  • Eddie

    The Lakers can put out a starter-quality line up of two 7(+) footers and 6-10 Lamar Odom. It’s what killed the Magic, and why they beat both Boston and Cleveland 2-0 last year.
    Aldridge is saying that with Garnett (who’s really 7-0), the 6-11 Wallace, and 6-10 Perkins the Celtics can now do something similar. Last year the Celts brought back an emphasis on “D”. Because of the Lakers the league is now “length crazy”.

  • Vik

    I really want to see how this works out in terms of minutes. There are a lot of solid frontcourt players, and not enough time, it looks like.

  • If the Celtics will remain healthy come play off time, I think the only team that can beat them is the Lakers and the Spurs..