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Waiting on Baby details

Last night was a pretty typical summer night for me:  Red Sox on the TV, TweetDeck and my Google reader open on the laptop, and a beer on the table.  Don't tell me I don't live it up.

And it's a good thing the Red Sox and Yankees spent forever trying to score runs.  If they didn't, I wouldn't have seen both Wojo and Marc Spears tweet the exact same thing about Big Baby (did they coordinate that?).  In my excitement when posting the news last night, I promised new details later in the morning.  Here's the funny thing:  I forgot I'm not actually the guy with the sources… and writing ability… and paycheck that encourages me to pursue things like that. 

So Wojo put out the actual article today… and really it's just his tweet with the added background of the teams that were pursuing him, the other signings, and how the C's don't want Marbury.

Sooooo… we're gonna have to wait for more details.  The Celtics did make the Shelden Williams signing official… so that's something.  And we can toss a new name into the "maybe this guy can back up Rondo" conversation: Jason Williams.  He's coming out of retirement, and the Knicks aren't going to sign him after they claimed him off waivers.  Remember… this is just a name being thrown out there for discussion.

After the jump, an amusing new Nike commercial featuring Rashoid Lewis, Mo Williams, Andre Iquodala and Kevin Durant.

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  • Bas Rutten Jr.

    I prefer Mo Williams when he was in Tool’s video.

  • JD

    Good riddance, I don’t want Marbury. With this whole webcam thing, he’s turned himself back into a controversy, and your backup point guard should not have ANY controversy surrounding him.
    I like the idea of Jason Williams as a backup point guard: he can make plays, hit the open shot and play some toughnosed defense. And

  • Section328

    I’ve been thinking Jason Williams for the past couple weeks and have had no proper forum for getting it past my circle of friends! Unless you think that me emailing Celtics Customer Relations and asking that they forward my email to Danny Ainge. Yes, J-Will would be the perfect fit, championship experience, not afraid to shoot – perfect second teamer…plus we’ll have him and Randy Moss in the same city, that would just be cool.

  • jam a lam

    Yeah, I agree since it doesn’t look like Delonte will be back anytime soon (unless the Cavs decide to release him), I think White Chocolate would be a great fit to back up Rondo. Can this offseason get any better? We are actually filling all the gaps we needed to fill. Even if we do have some minor injuries there won’t be that big of a let down from the bench.

  • Wow, I had the same things goin’ on last night: TweetDeck, Sox-Yanks, but instead of Google reader, I had my new obsession open: RockWilder’s UStream-I just love watching him make beats and mix tracks. Today he was making a beat for an upcoming Mariah Carey collaboration and last night he spun all 80’s and 90’s classic hip-hop. If you are a hip-hop fan, check it out sometime. Sorry for that tangent..I also am not too sure about Steph anymore-I personally wouldn’t mind Bobby Jackson as a back-up point guard. Some argue he’s more of a 2, but I think he’s proven he can play the 1. We’ll see. Here’s a link to RockWilder-follow him and you’ll get a Tweet whenever he goes live next, which should be tonight at 11pm EST: http://twitter.com/rockwilder09

  • I’d still take Marbury over Williams…

    With Williams and Rondo together, we’d lead the league in fake behind the back passes leading to missed layups, and it wouldn’t be close. Seriously though…I never liked his shot selection and Marbury should have more left on defense, especially when he’s in better condition.

    I’d say…keep looking for a 2 for 1 deal to turn TA and Walker or Giddens into someone we’d use.

    Maybe try to get Marbury and Hudson into camp together and see who can earn it?

    Off court baloney is overrated. It’s one guy’s viral video type marketing experiment, nothing illegal, cruel, dangerous, or anything like that. Steph can still penetrate and make great passes. He has got game left and with camp and a whole season with the team…remember the 4th quarter of game 6 against Orlando? He really didn’t want it to end.

    Hmm I think if we could get him to sign a non-guaranteed deal(which becomes guaranteed around January right?), then get Hudson a deal somewhere in Europe or some place with a just-in-case buy out…without grabbing somebody from a trade, that’s got to be the best we can do at PG.