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C’s close on deal with Daniels

From the Herald:

The Celtics also want to wrap up business with free agent swingman
Marquis Daniels by the end of the week. They had hoped to arrange a
sign-and-trade deal with Indiana – in part to give Daniels a heftier
salary, and in part to move guard Tony Allen. But Pacers president
Larry Bird, who is attempting to change a pattern of bad off-court
behavior associated with Indiana, was said to be staunchly opposed to
bringing on the troubled Allen.

The Celtics have not found a third team to help facilitate a
sign-and-trade arrangement with the Pacers, meaning that Daniels will
most likely sign for the $1.9 million biannual exception. He has made a
verbal commitment to join the Celtics – either by a sign-and-trade deal
or for the biannual exception.

Looks like we're running out of spots.  Baby and Daniels signing straight upwill give us 14 filled spots and we're still missing a true point guard to back up Rajon.  So something still has to be in the works.  I know Danny prefers to keep a spot or two open for a potential mid-season move… so we'll have to wait and see how this all plays out.

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  • thetitleisours

    I hope we can find a taker for TA and keep both Walker and Giddens. That would allow us to sign Hudson and either a PG or leave one spot open. My guess is they sign Hudson and maybe an experienced PG later in the year if necessary. Did they fill all 15 spots last year? I seem to remember they did

  • They went into the season with spots open…. then they signed Moore and Marbury.

  • celticman18kg38


  • thetitleisours

    Cannot think of anyone right now other than TA I would want to trim the roster with.
    And if it is Hudson or a vet PG I would rather have Hudson. Two PG’s that can rebound with the best of them? Forget the skinny and soft PG’s available out there
    This is a heck of a roster right now! And I fully expect Walker and/or Giddens to bust out making us even stronger