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Max is Big on ‘Sheed, Celtics Chances

Via the Worcester Telegram & Gazette:

“I like them when they’re healthy,” Maxwell said of the Celtics’
chances to raise banner No. 18. “Last year, they played courageous
ball. You had only six guys playing in 14 games, and they just ran out
of gas.”

On Rasheed Wallace:

“I love him,” Maxwell said. “He can play multiple roles. He’ll elongate
the floor. He brings outside shooting. He can give (Kevin Garnett)
rest. He’ll be like P.J. Brown was for them two years ago, but he
brings more scoring (a 15-point career average). He also has great
enthusiasm, which can be contagious.”

On Glen Davis:

“The money is starting to dry up,” Maxwell said of Davis, who averaged
15.8 points in 14 postseason games last year. “This economy is killing
him. The salary cap has shrank, but I think they would like to keep

On Marquis Daniels:

“Well, I would hope they would get him,” Maxwell said. “He’s not a bad shooter, not a bad defender. They can use him.”

On referee Violet Palmer:

"Go back to the kitchen…go in there and make me some bacon and eggs, would you?"
Oops. That last quote wasn't from this most recent interview. I still find it hilarious.

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  • thetitleisours

    Sounds like he was being diplomatic on Daniels lol
    Nobody could take a foul like Posey. Hope Daniels steps up

  • thetitleisours

    Anyone agree with this assessment? Could be a fallback for Daniels if for some reason they cannot get this deal done. Need to open up a roster spot (TA?) so we can sign both Hudson and another “possible” PG). Daniels/Giddens/Walker can fill TA’s shoes
    “Rodney Carney: David Kahn wants him back in Minnesota, so why not? Carney offers solid defense and an improving outside shot—something along the lines of James Posey.
    He would contribute on a winner, but probably won’t get that chance.”

  • Bas Rutten Jr.

    That last quote just made my night. Women belong in the kitchen and the bedroom! That’s it!