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LeBron Will Continue to Hold Cleveland Hostage

Via ESPN.com:

"I signed a contract in 2006 with an option," he said. "It would make
no sense for me to sign that contract if I didn't keep my options open.
I'll let you fill in the blanks."

I get that this is a business decision. But I still think it's a dick move by the Chosen One.

I believe LeBron will eventually re-sign with Cleveland. This is more about him becoming the most highly sought after free agent in the history of professional sports and all the media attention that comes along with it. Too bad he has to screw around with the great fans of Cleveland in the process.

The self-proclaimed Chosen One also spoke about dunk-gate:

"I never told anyone to confiscate any tapes. Nike has a no videotape
policy at pick-up games. They've always done that. Now that LeBron is
involved, it's blown up. It's a play that happens in basketball all the
time. You can go on YouTube and see me being dunked on by a lot of

And his poor sportsmanship:

"I wouldn't have done it the same. I would have done the media…

I look at the no handshake like this — during the regular season, no
one ever shakes hands. You move on to the next game. I congratulated
Dwight Howard
through email and told him good luck in the Finals. Shaking hands is
not a big deal to me. It's not being a sore loser, it’s moving on.
Sometimes people want you to accept losing and I'll never accept


I'm wearing the Superman cape tonight. In the last 45 minutes, I started this blog post, showered, got my 4 year old showered and dressed, dressed myself, changed a monsterous load in the diaper of my infant, dressed him, and then finished this blog post. Guess what?…the wife still isn't ready.

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  • jam a lam

    still a douche bag

  • Two-Buck Chuck

    There’s bullshit and then there’s horseshit.
    I call horseshit here.

  • Just woke, it’s 9 PM my pants are wet can’t tell if it’s beer or somethinng else must have been on a bender god i hate times like these. hammered and postsing but at least the C’s will win 18 this year and my wife is not late ever come chuck……what do you tell a wife with 2 black eyes………nothing you told her twice!!!!!!!! just kidding my wife owns me i just happen to be on the a lot. Drink heavy everryone

  • JD

    What is the difference between the animal shit again?

  • Atlas_Shruggs

    Based on what I see and read, I am pretty sure everyone on here does drink heavy.
    Except for Nick of course. He seems pretty sober.

  • WestCoastCelt

    I will say you’re not a troll like every other Laker fan that for some reason needs to come to a Celtic site so damn often, but you post here more than some of the regulars who are actual Celtic fans. Why the fuck are you on a Celtic site all the fucking time?

  • Atlas_Shruggs

    Perhaps it is strange, I dont know. I am also a Raiders fan (save the sneers, I know we suck). I travel with the Raiders a lot and honestly it is often more fun to be in other teams stadiums than in the Oakland Coliseum. I have lots of Philly stories.
    We’ll see. Maybe I’ll leave you alone soon. But it’s a good rivalry.