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“Does It Look Like I Take Steroids?”


Rashard Lewis is talking about this 10-game suspension for taking a banned performance-enhancing substance:

"I've taken over-the-counter supplements throughout my career," Lewis
said. "It's a long season and I take stuff you get from health stores
— things to keep your immune system up, help your energy level, stuff
like that. Early in my career, I was real thin and drank the shakes to
try to put on weight."

"Look at me, I'm still skinny as hell. Does it look like I take
steroids?," Lewis answered. "… I'm telling you it was an honest
mistake. I would never knowingly put any sort of substance or steroid
into my body that is against the rules."

While Lewis says he took a powdered nutritional supplement, he would not identify the exact name of the product. Why not? He could aid all his NBA colleagues by exposing this product as a danger to their reputation. It would also help to aid his "stupidity" defense. His secrecy only adds doubt to this already weak story.

How can a professional athlete put anything into their body without checking with team trainers and doctors and/or personal trainers? It's simple. You hand them the unopened container and say, "Can you check to make sure this won't get me suspended?"

Moving on, the Globe's Frank Dell'Apa updates (for lack of a better word) us on Marquis Daniels and Glen Davis:

There has been no change in the status of free agent guard Marquis Daniels, who has committed to the Celtics, and restricted free agent forward Glen Davis.
Daniels would join the team on a biannual exception deal worth $1.9
million, unless a sign-and-trade can be devised. Daniels earned $7.35
million with Indiana last season. Davis, 23, who averaged 15.8 points
per game in last spring’s playoffs, is awaiting an offer sheet.

Around the league, Pat Riley has reported reached out to Allen Iverson, and the Hawks are grossly overpaying for Marvin Williams.

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  • Jon

    I don’t think that Marvin Williams deal is that horrendous. If Marquis Daniels got $7.35 last year, I think Williams getting roughly the same thing for roughly the same #’s makes sense. Although you could certainly make the case that Daniels was overpaid. Williams is only 23 though, so there’s certainly room for improvement.

  • Bill

    I said it six months ago. Superwoman is juicing. Bron is juicing. They got Lewis. Howard will be the next shoe to drop.

  • Atlas_Shruggs

    I think the lesson from baseball is not to be too smug about other teams and their drug cheats. Your team is probably next.
    With millions of dollars on the line and relatively short careers, the temptation must be unreal.
    Who is basketball’s Jose Conseco? There will be a snitch one of these days. Guaranteed.

  • I’m not so sure, drugs won’t make you better at shooting, nor at making no-look passes. The “best” you can become in the league with drugs is about… Ben Wallace, and that’s not a good thing. Sure, size helps but in the end overall abilities still make the difference.

  • Bill

    It’s also about leaping ability, sprinting ability…and RECOVERY. It’s not all about what happens during games. Between games matters a lot too.

  • Atlas_Shruggs

    I understand your point, but I wonder…
    If Rashard Lewis took PED’s, chances are pretty good there are many others who have also.
    Drugs wont make you good. But if you are good, they will likely make you better.