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Wolves to hire Rambis, C’s Wohl joining staff

Lakers assistant Kurt Rambis is about to become head coach of the Minnesota Timberwolves. 

Rambis is expected to hire Dave Wohl as his top assistant, an Eastern
Conference executive said. Let go as an assistant GM in Boston this
summer, Wohl has a close relationship with Rambis and has nearly 25
years of NBA coaching experience. It is believed that one current
Minnesota assistant – possibly Ed Pinckney or Dean Cooper – could stay
to be a part of Rambis’ staff.

The Globe confirms the Wohl deal.

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  • Atlas_Shuggs

    Not good for the Lakers. But hopefully for us it means Phil Jackson gave him an indication that he will want to sign a new contract next summer.
    I guess the other possibility is that Kupchak told him he would not be considered to replace Jackson, or that it is not a sure thing. Probably the later.
    Good luck Kurt. Except 4 times a year.
    PS- Anyone else see the irony that Rambis replaced McHale. Reverse closeline, I guess.

  • Listened to the pod cast on my way to work nice show! One thing I’ve noticed over the last couple of shows is you 2 have a much greater sense of humor then most bloggers that you have on with you. They seem to come off kind of stiff. Do think most bloggers are just very elegant writers who kinda feel nervous and awkward on the air because they are more comfortable writing instead of speaking? just throwning that out the great show again sorry I could not call-in.

  • I was really hoping Mark Jackson got that job. Looks like I’m watching the ABC games on mute.

  • Atlas_Shruggs

    Seriously. Why can’t ABC do the right thing and hire Marv Albert and Doug Collins. Or could CBS loan them Nantz and Kellogg? I’d even take Dr. Jack off radio rather than Gumby and Jackson.

  • I think there are a lot of bloggers who are wise asses just like me and Chuck. If you listen to that 8th seed podcast we do, you’ll hear a lot of that.
    But there are some who are dry, too. Just like writers in the mainstream media. Some are writers because they’re not strong on the air. That exists in the blog world too. Part of my job as an interviewer has to be figuring a way to draw more out of them.

  • thanks, by the way. Glad you liked the show.

  • Lakerhater

    ABC considered hiring Marv Albert but they were afraid it would come back to bite them.