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Slam Magazine Overrates Antoine, Big Time


Via Sandy Dover's "'Toine's Shine and Blackout" article in Slam Online:

I always felt Antoine was legitimately the next
player of the League. He was well-coached, highly-skilled and possessed
an ability to affect a game in a very tangible way, not the same way
that Magic or Pippen did, but somewhere in that realm, especially at
Kentucky and in his first two Celtics years.

The problem with Antoine is generally the same problem that plagued
Derrick Coleman and Rasheed Wallace—he just didn’t care enough. He
didn’t care that he could’ve been the greatest power forward to play.

Twelve years ago, I fell in love with 'Toine. The Celtics were in the midst of a horrible stretch and this brash, young forward loaded with potential was our only shining light. Hell, I even called Ted Sarandis on WEEI one night to defend my man – Employee #8.

But while he was a talented player and leader, it became clear Antoine had some major shortcomings. He was not a natural shooter (yet he played like he was). While he had some nifty moves around the basket, he didn't have the leaping ability or explosiveness to finish strong. And then there's his defense – average at best.

It's ridiculous to say that a player with all these liabilities could have become the greatest power forward if he simply worked harder.

Could Antoine have been a better player? Yes. Could Antoine have been the best? No.

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  • FSantos33

    Early 2000 teams were fun to watch. Coach O’Brien’s 3 point bomb squad. Pierce, Walker, Delk, Rogers, Kenny Anderson, Battie, Eric Williams, Ukraine Train ..etc. They were exciting sort of like poor man’s version of the good Suns teams. Walker and Pierce provided some wins and excitement back to Boston. It was much needed after eight years or so of absence from the playoffs. Walker had his flaws but he was one my favorite players. Only if he learned how to have better shot selections and played better Defense… what could have been…. Still, that bunch of guys almost pulled off a miraculous finals appearance but fell short by only two games in the ECF vs Jason Kidd and the Nets. Kmart owned Walker in that series and Kidd was hearing chants of “Wife Beater” at the Garden. Talk about extra motivation for J. Kidd. Do you guys remember those games?

  • Jon

    I was at the comeback game vs. the Nets by myself. It was crazy. It sucked that they lost the series and that unbelievable comeback utlimately didn’t matter but it was an awesome moment for sure. The Jungle was rockin’. I never understood why we didn’t resign Rodney Rogers the next year. I don’t think he made a ton of money or anything and he definitely contributed.

  • FSantos33

    Yea, I forgot to mention the awesome comeback game. We didn’t resign Rogers because GM Chris Wallace is the dumbest GM around. I can’t believe the Grizzles hired him.

  • Jerome Moiso

    Look how happy and excited Antoine is in that picture, and look at Pierce behind him getting the crowd pumped up.
    That team wasn’t made for the playoffs, but the way O’Brien took Pitino’s mess and made a run with so much youth and energy. Those were exciting times.