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Rash-oid Lewis is a Cheater

Chuck - Red's Army August 6, 2009 Uncategorized 13 Comments on Rash-oid Lewis is a Cheater


Ha! I knew Orlando could not beat the Celtics without some sort of artificial assistance. Turns out Rashard Lewis was playing with an elevated testosterone level. No wonder he had the balls to take and make so many clutch shots.

Here's the story according to the Orlando Sentinel:

Orlando Magic All-Star forward Rashard Lewis tested positive for a
testosterone-producing steroid and will be suspended without pay 10
games at the beginning of the season.

The steroid dehydroepiandrosterone is commonly known as DHEA.

"I hope this unintentional mistake will not reflect poorly on our team and its great character," Lewis said in a statement.

According to an NBA source, Lewis failed one drug test during the
playoffs last season and was so surprised by the outcome he asked to be
tested again during the Finals. Lewis also failed that test.

Rash-oid claims the banned substance was in an over-the-counter substance he took at the end of last season. Sure Rash-oid, whatever you say.

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  • FSantos33

    I was really surprised it took this long to bust someone in the league. I know he isn’t the only one doing it. There are others obviously looks the part but I am not going to name names on the world wide web.

  • OrLaNdO

    Yes steroids cost the celtics the series. Your an idiot if you think that. Whats next? Rondo didnt have a burger for halftime thats why he chokes?

  • JJ

    LOL nice

  • prefuse

    good burn 😀

  • when did rondo choke?
    regardless, this is a bit much, I like rashard lewis and I believe it was an honest mistake, either way who really cares

  • prefuse

    Redsarmy care. “Ha! I knew Orlando could not beat the Celtics without some sort of artificial assistance.” …sigh.

  • Magic fans come out to defend their man. You’re the idiot if you believe these guys don’t know what they are putting into their bodies.

  • dom1020

    i knoooow that this is a joke right?

  • hmmm, but because its not a boston player we have to make posts like this…didnt david ortiz just come up positive for PED’s? no problem, rigt?
    Rashard lewis took something that isnt even illegal in MLB and is in something you can get right in your local drug store. who cares

  • What do the MLB rules and my opinion (never made public on this site) on David Ortiz have to do with anything?

  • Greg

    Dude that runs this site is a clown. It was an over the counter supplement…how strong do you think it really is? You honestly think that propelled the Magic past Boston? Get a life. I can go buy a Herb supplement right now at the local GNC that may show I have a higher testosterone level but it wont’ make me shoot a basketball any better.

  • remember86

    you know what steroids may very well have cost the celtics the magic series..
    depending on when
    Rashoid tested positive….what I read was sometime during the playoffs he tested postive so it had to be during the Celtics series or earlier… because the article says he tested positive a second time during the finals.. i don’t understand why Rashoid wasn’t SUSPENDED IMMEDIATELY… playoff games meaning so much more than regular season games…. what a weak policy, if you ask me….it’s okay to do get caught doing steroids during the playoffs.. we’ll just give you a little speeding ticket next season…oh and here’s your playoff money check… enjoy…
    as much as i have tried to forget the Celtics Magic playoff series… if you remember the series…
    the celtics glaring weakness against Orlando… no Kevin Garnett to chase Rashard Lewis out to the perimeter… who was trying to do it instead… BIG BABY … not going to work.. our hefty undersized power forward does not have enough footspeed to stay with Lewis…if he runs out at Lewis,,,, Lewis still has time to shoot the three because Baby gets there late… or he can just drive past the fat boy as Baby rushes out to cover him…Scal actually did a better job harassing Lewis on the perimeter… but Scal averages about a foul every 4 minutes..
    The celtics were the only team in the playoffs… even without KG… to actually slow down the titleless superman(AKA Dwight Howard)… we didn’t have to double team the musclehead…ummm i mean where’s there smoke there’s fire… i mean the Magic center…Perkins went toe to toe with him and looked good….it was the Lewis Baby matchup that killed us in that series…
    my point is without Lewis on the court. we might have been able to stay in one of the games we lost to tie the series at three each.. and get that series back to Boston for Game 7,, then anything can happen…
    this may be one of the reasons why Big Baby is not getting offers… it’s true salary caps have been brought down.. so there’s less cash available… but Baby has trouble with quick power fowards… Right now the celtics have to find a way to beat the Magic… and not sure if Baby helps them much on defense against the Magic…especially not against the Lakers…. Seven footer Pau Gasol or 6′ 11” Odom would shoot over Baby as if he wasn’t even there….
    Now BAby creates matchup problems in the post because of his bulk… he can get the position ,,, but when he makes his move… he gets blocked a lot because the guy covering him is five inches taller..I love Baby for his heart, but that’s the cold reality with overweight, short power forwards….

  • dom1020

    Compelling story there, Chaps!