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Anyone Worried About KG’s Knee or Rondo’s Head?


Via TrueHoop's Ten Summer Stories to Watch:

When healthy, the Celtics of Rajon Rondo, Ray Allen, Paul Pierce and
Kevin Garnett are essentially unbeatable. They won a championship their
one full season together and almost beat the Eastern Conference
champion Magic without Garnett a few months ago.

Garnett has
been out of sight all summer. Will he be back at 100% or close from his
injury? If so, the Celtics are powerful contenders. If not … the
upgraded Cavaliers and Magic will have to be considered the favorites
in the East.

Meanwhile, in the absence of Garnett, the most
productive Celtic in the playoffs was Rondo, who was rumored to be on
the block early in the summer. On draft day Chad Ford reported:
"Several league sources told me about Doc Rivers' relationship with
Rondo. They say Rivers has told them Rondo is 'impossible to coach' and
'stubborn.' The worry is that if the Celtics give him a big contract
extension next year, he'll be even more unmanageable in the future."

Pencil the Celtics in as contenders. But realize, there is a lot of volatility in that market.

Why does there seem to be more concern about KG bouncing back from a bone spur operation than Leon Powe returning from his 3rd reconstruction?

Call me a green-teamer, naive or just plain stupid, but I have zero concerns about Kevin Garnett's knee. What does concern me is his overall health. Injuries (abdominal tear and knee) have forced the 33-year old to miss stretches of games over the past two seasons. The mileage is starting to add up. Fortunately, between Rasheed Wallace and BBD there's enough support on the bench to keep KG rested.

Two months ago, Rondo's attitude and the trade rumors surrounding him were the biggest off-season story in the NBA. Well, the drama sure has died down.

We all know those Doc quotes about Rondo's attitude which fanned the flames were from two years ago and used by the media to sensationalize the story. Just like most players and teams come contract time, there is a difference of opinion regarding the player's worth. That's the only problem here. Rondo will be fine, he has to be. He's got a contract to play for.

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  • concerned about KG? absolutely
    concerned about rondos “head?” um absolutely not, why? because hes an extremly mature 23 yr old, unlike fabricated stories you hear in the media

  • Danno

    Every NBA pundit knows the Celtics made great movies this offseason in Picking up Sheed, Daniels. They just don’t want to admit that when healthy – the Celtics are Far and away the best, most talented team in the NBA. so they make up rumors to keep things interesting, because it won’t be any fun for them trudging through an 82 game season that is a foregone conclusion.
    But make no mistake – the 2009-2010 NBA seas IS a foregone conclusion. Banner 18, bitches.

  • oh and this whole “feud” doc seems to blurt out that rondo is impossible to coach (um, impossible to coach? with him starting you have won 162 regular season games and a championship you fruitcake)
    Um, if I had the choice, i would fire rivers over trading rondo….are you kidding me?

  • Danno

    If I had the choice – I would fire ToTheRuins from being able to post here, because you’re kind of an idiot.

  • You’re a green-teamer, naive, and just plain stupid.
    Anything else you want us to call you?

  • Lex

    This is kind of a tough crowd. Celtics fans must be in an angry mood today. I had someone thinking that I agreed with Pitino when he described bowen as hondo w/o a jumper.
    Come on.

  • Twitter has been down for an hour. Someone better put John on a suicide watch. KWAPT could be in danger too

  • Hmm how about KG’s head? Kevin is probably the only guy in the league who needs to figure out how to play with a little less intensity.
    Or at least…a different sort of intensity. He can’t do the pedal-to-the-metal thing every game the whole year long anymore. He has got to find a way to back off a bit, still play focused, but not push himself to the breaking point. He’s got to pace himself for the playoffs. Doc can’t do it for him, only Kevin can do it.

    It’d be nice to see him a bit more relaxed…laughing and enjoying playing the game.

    Really the whole team was a bit angsty last year…I guess they missed the Posey hugs. Hmmm this is another reason why they need Walter McCarty instead of Bruce Bowen…Walt’s singing in the locker room!

    Anyways, when things get angsty during the long regular season, the answer is not always to get MORE intense, or to try EVEN HARDER, especially for Kevin and this team. That’ll be a good time for the whole team to throttle back a bit and smile and enjoy being the 2009-2010 Celtics, playing for nothing less than a championship and the status of ‘legendary’ in an epic campaign. The answer is not always to get MORE intense, or to try EVEN HARDER, especially for Kevin and this team. Remember when they did training camp in Rome, and how they all couldn’t stop smiling because of how awesome it was going to be to play together? They need to find some of that again, a little goes a long way.

  • I bleed green in L.A.

    Im with you Danno. He’s like nails on a chalkboard. Maybe Redsarmy can do a poll on whether or not ToTheRuins gets the boot?

  • help…. me…..
    It’s so cold in here. I…. I see a light…. should I walk towards it? Is there a DM in there? Maybe an @ reply?
    …………. am I going to actually have to talk to people today?

  • Lakerhater

    God I love this site.
    Hey Larry Bird- We’ll trade you TA and Ruins for Daniels.

  • the feeling is mutual buddy, and look! you got support from another idiot.
    Im kind of an idiot because I would take rondo over doc rivers? whos the idiot?