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Wyc Is Supremely Confident

Chuck - Red's Army August 5, 2009 Uncategorized 6 Comments on Wyc Is Supremely Confident


Via Ken Berger of CBS Sports:

"I think we should be the favorites in the conference, hands down,"
Grousbeck said after emerging from a 3 1-2 hour bargaining session
between the NBA owners and the players' union. "And we’re going to
start proving that Oct. 27."

How can you not love an owner with balls? It's one thing to believe in your team, it's another to boldly proclaim your feelings to the media.

Wyc also talked about Rasheed Wallace:

"He’s a feisty competitor, obviously," Grousbeck said. "We talked about
that in the interview and the recruiting session. He said he means it
always to try to help the team. He and his former teammates and coaches
that you talk to when you do research on him, they love him as a
player. Coaches love him, players love to play with him. The refs have
mixed feelings, but that’s what refs are for."

Asked if he was
prepared for all things Rasheed, Grousbeck said, "I actually told David
(Stern) that I was going to modify my baseline ref assistance program a
little bit to make up for the fact that we’ve got Rasheed. So I’m going
to be doing a little less helping of the refs from the baseline. Just
trying to even things out."

and Glen "Big Baby" Davis:

As for restricted free agent Glen "Big Baby" Davis, Grousbeck said the
Celtics have had "a lot of conversations with him" and added, "We
expect to see him in green. But things play out and you never know."
In TrueHoop's "Lessons from the Schedule," we learn the Celtics have 18 pairs of back-to-back games this season. While that may sound high, it's actually the third lowest total in the league.

Big news in Portland where Brandon Roy is about to sign an extension for max dollars with the Blazers.

And ESPN is no longer cool with its reporters giving out any scoops or rumors via their Twitter pages. You just knew it was too good to last.

After the jump, the national teams for Italy and Canada mix it up during an exhibition game. How do you say "cheap shot" in Italian?

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  • Alex

    European people have VERY short temper issues.

  • How do you say “cheap shot” in Italian?
    Sparare sulla croce rossa 😉
    Tonight we’re going to lose badly to France, and they’re without Tony Parker and probably Turiaf. This Italian team sucks, ten years ago we were winning Eurobasket and now we’re this low. They all suck, the players, the coach, the federation and the league. I wish they just shot themselves, all of them.

  • Atlas_Shruggs

    I like how he said “Favorites in the Conference”. Smart guy. Not insane. Even he knows who is favored in the League.
    I would also point out a well known fact among linguists. Anytime you add a qualifier to an exclamation, it shows lack of conviction. “Hands Down”.

  • CelticBalla32

    CelticsBlog said it best: you have to love Wyc because he’s a fan first.

  • Lakerhater

    or maybe he thinks more of the Cavs than the fakers. Wouldn’t his emphasis on the conference imply he’s more concerned with the eastern conference arms race than he is with the fakers?
    Just a thought. Oh, and one more thought: Lakers Suck.

  • FSantos33

    I heard that! linguistically “Hands Down”
    Go Celts