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Will Dwight Howard Finally Have a Go-To Move?


Via the Orlando Sentinel:

"Hakeem Olajuwon had the Dream Shake, Kareem Abdul-Jabbar had the
Sky Hook, and we're working on a go-to move for Dwight," McCray said.
"He has an unbelievable work ethic. He's Superman in Orlando. He's
Superman in the NBA. But he works to be Superman. He just doesn't wake up and put on a Magic uniform. He works at it."

If the dude is really working at it, why has it taken so long to develop a shot? He's been in the league 5 seasons.

As for the go-to move, I'm betting it's a jump hook. Howard doesn't have the touch to develop a fade-away, a la Ewing or Olajuwon.

After the jump, pics of Jennifer Love Hewitt playing hoops and tennis….in a bikini. Seriously.




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  • jam a lam

    Great pics of JLH. Howard, not so much.

  • I love the jump hook you hit that once or twice over your defender then BAM!!!! Up and under like Kevin McHale if you can master those 2 post moves you can become a force. Playing the post is simple, its footwork, touch, and most importantly creating space. Touch will be D-Howard’s biggest hurtle. Why wasn’t I 6’11” AGH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • G4L

    Think about how much higher your Alcohol tolerance would be… scary!

  • Even Better point I could drink 40’s like they were 12oz ( oh wait I do that already)!!!!!!!

  • JJ

    Is JLH playing tennis in heels in the last picture?

  • see jay run

    boy oh boy do i love jlh

  • Dwight Howard really isnt even a huge problem for the celtics as long KPerk is around, he defends him better then anyone in the league, yes dwight howard is a superstar and the face of the magic, but it was rashard lewis that gave us fits in the playoffs(obviously because KG was hurt) im completly comfortable with perkins on howard.
    Dwight howard reminds me of a center version of rondo, no post moves, like rondo has “no” jumper but is still able to dominate the game…also people call rondo immature, does it get any more immature then dwight howard?

  • Yep, it does. It’s called Lebron James when the Cavs got eliminated in the Eastern Conference Finals.

  • His go-to move sure seemed to be “dunk on everyone in route to destroying the Celtics at home.”
    But then, maybe I was just seeing things.

  • Jon

    In game 7 of a series where if he had any moves, would’ve been over before it got that far. You know, considering our best help defender was injured and we only needed Perk to cause him to average 4 pts lower than his regular season average.
    Sorry, the last comment can’t be a pro-Magic one.