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Where we stand right now

So Shelden Williams is going to be a Celtic.  And with another addition to the completely revamped Celtics bench, it's a good time to take a look at what we've got.  Lucky for me, CSNNE has done the work for me.  Here are the current guaranteed contracts on the team:

Paul Pierce
Ray Allen
Kevin Garnett
Rajon Rondo
Kendrick Perkins
Eddie House
Shelden Williams
Tony Allen
Bill Walker
Rasheed Wallace
Brian Scalabrine
J.R. Giddens

We also know Marquis Daniels is joining the team somehow.  We've got 12 guys with guaranteed deals, and it will be 13 if Marquis Daniels simply signs.  We'll have 14 if Glen Davis comes back.  That leaves us one spot.  We need a backup for Rajon Rondo.   And as we noted this morning, that one spot might come down to a competition between a veteran and Lester Hudson. Here's how the depth chart breaks down right now:

PG:  Rondo / ?? 
SG:  R. Allen / Eddie House / Giddens
SF:  Pierce / Daniels / T. Allen / Walker
PF:  Garnett /  Davis / Scalabrine
C:  Perkins / Wallace / Williams

You can see why Danny's trying to work some kind of sign-and-trade with Daniels.  Even if it's just Tony Allen for Daniels, that will be enough to get Marquis more money and open up a spot.  I'd like to keep Hudson around just to see what he can do. 

We've also heard multiple times that it's possible Giddens or Walker will be cut before camp ends.  Since Danny likes to keep a couple of spots open just in case… that would make sense. 

So the roster is shaping up.  What do you think… how do you like the signings so far and the situation we're now in?

For those looking for more information on Shelden Williams, Celtics Hub has a good statistical breakdown of what he does, and doesn't do well.

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  • Lex

    Good job. Someone actually got the number right. Unless you and I are smokin’ something funny, the number is 12 contracts not 11. Three spots open, plus the contracts of TA, Scal, JR, and BW to trade.
    Does life get any F’N better than that!!!

  • Lex

    Like I said yesterday, this team is shaping up like 08 in one important way–LOTS-0-NEW-FACES with SOMETHING TO PROVE. That’s what you want.
    You don’t want the Gabes, the Tonys, and the O’Bryants of the world taking up valuable real estate on a roster!

  • Lex

    I was encouraged by one story that said even if BBD resigns for just one year, he’d still be a restricted FA. I figured if he resigned for one year, he’d then become unrestricted. Big Baby as your fourth big, someone who goes out there–FRESH– and pushes around the other teams starters when they are warn down or who pushes around the other teams bench players is a whole different story than someone who is expected to go out there and go toe to toe with Dwight Howard for 40 minutes.

  • thetitleisours

    Hard not to want to keep both Giddens and Walker. If a trade happens, then OK, but hopefully neither of these guys are cut.
    Agree on Hudson. A rebounding PG with some D makes him already better than Pruitt.

  • FSantos33

    I like what I see from 10 players so far…. BBD still in the works and the other questionable players I am not sure what Danny has up his sleeves.
    “Solid Big 7”
    1 Paul Pierce
    2 Ray Allen
    3 Kevin Garnett
    4 Rajon Rondo
    5 Kendrick Perkins
    6 Rasheed Wallace
    7 Eddie House
    “Nice 8 & 9”
    8 Shelden Williams (Need some PJ Brown in him)
    9 Daniels (Versatile wing)
    “Wild Card 10”
    10 Hudson (I would give this young man a shot to back up Rondo.
    “Restricted Free Agent”
    RFA BBD (?) S & T or back for one year contract still up in the air
    “Questionable players”
    Q Tony Allen (Sir your bags are ready in the lobby, trade bait, exp contract)
    Q Brian Scalabrine (I am not sure how healthy he is after so many concussions, trade bait, exp contract)
    Q J.R. Giddens (Trade Bait or Waive)
    Q Bill Walker (Trade bait or Waive)

  • nick

    Nice post, I fucking hate scal he is beyond terrible i wish they would waive his fat red ass…Daniels Allen and Walker is interesting though, u would think all 4 of them wouldn’t open up the season on the roster right? so it comes down to 2 spots for walker giddens and TA. I am kind of intrigued by that. If we have Sheed Shelden Perk Kg and Big Baby, plus the possibility of going small and putting Pierce or Walker at the 4 which Doc likes to do at times, then Y the fuck do we need scals?? He is just pointless as far as im concerned, fuck chemistry and all of that, we r going for a title not humanitarian awards!

  • thetitleisours
  • FSantos33

    Thanks man, under “Questionable players” I wouldn’t loss any sleep if any one or all of four would disappear to start the season.