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Reminder: Call-In Show Tomorrow Night

Lots going on. We got the Shelden Williams signing, the Big Baby saga, the never-ending Marquis Daniels sign-and-trade speculation, the Bruce Bowen rumors and the newly released schedule.

If you've never listened, now is a good time to start. You can also go back and listen to past shows by visiting this page.

Wednesday at 9 p.m.

Update:  We've confirmed Tom Ziller of NBA Fanhouse and Sactown Royalty for the show.  He's actually seen Shelden Williams play… and I'd say he's pretty knowledgeable about the NBA… so join us with plenty of questions.

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  • G4L

    Damnit always on a school night

  • ditch

  • G4L

    Well my friend thats what so great about your site.. I could always listen to the recording!
    But I just might ditch anyways..

  • Always love the show have called in twice no dice. Third time the charm?

  • Give me your area code and the first 3 digits and I will guarantee you make it on the show this time.

  • That’s odd… because I don’t recall not getting to a caller on the list.
    Sorry about that.

  • 1-262-652 thanks.

  • Blow up fellas i will hear you tomm. I have dominate my summer league tonight.