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Big Baby speaks

RedsArmyAdmin August 4, 2009 Uncategorized 3 Comments on Big Baby speaks

Glen davis We've heard a lot ABOUT Big Baby this offseason… but we haven't heard much FROM Big Baby.  That is, until now.  Jeff Goodman of WEEI caught up with Glen Davis to talk about the uncertainty of this offseason.

"I don’t know what’s going to happen," Glen Davis said while working
out in Houston. "It’s still too early to tell. We’ve still got a long
ways to go as far as negotiating with the Celtics.

…I want to be where I’m wanted," Davis said. "I love Boston, but I also
understand it’s a business. I’m going wherever someone wants to pay for
my services."

Later in the piece, Goodman says team sources expect Baby back for something around $2 million, but it's possible he could be back for a lesser amount… the qualifying offer which would make Baby a RFA again next offseason.

For those of you wondering about signing a back up for Rondo, there's this nugget buried in the Globe write-up about the Shelden Williams signing.

The Celtics received some good news
on second-round draft choice Lester Hudson, who sustained a broken
finger during the Orlando Summer Pro League last month. He is expected
to return to training in three weeks, according to agent Lance Young.
Hudson backed up Gabe Pruitt in Orlando, scoring 15 points in 44
minutes in three games before being injured.

waiving of Pruitt last week opened a spot on the Celtics’ roster for a
point guard, and the Celtics are weighing whether to go with Hudson or
a veteran free agent. Starting point guard Rajon Rondo’s backups are
free agent Marquis Daniels, who has agreed to a contract with the
Celtics, and House, but both are considered shooting guards

So this means we might have to wait until camp time to see which available back-up PG's will be invited to challenge Hudson.

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  • My Wiener

    Sorry not to comment on the post but I just read this about JR Smith.
    Denver Post – Nuggets guard J.R. Smith’s tweets are raising questions among fans. Several recent posts by Smith on his page — — are written in a way that is commonly associated with the Bloods street gang. Words that would have a “C” in them are replaced with “K,” or if a word has both in them, the “C” is removed altogether. Smith has nearly 15,000 followers on his Twitter page.
    Didn’t I see the same thing from Marquis Daniels tweets in the “Marquis Daniels needs a number” post a few days ago?
    Did we just sign a Blood. And if so will he request the front of his jersey to be spelled Keltis?

  • thetitleisours

    The Sheldon signing is still strange to me.
    Must not have been to impressed with Swift, even to anchor the end of the roster

  • FSantos33

    “I don’t know what that number is,” he said. “I wish I knew.” BBD? Well, of course he knows “That Number” and he was smart not to reveal it. I want BBD back but at this point I don’t think he wants to be back for a low ball price. Sign and trade could very well happen.
    Sheldon Williams was a strange signing I agree with you there (t.t.s.) If he can give us solid 10 – 15 minutes off the bench, 5 points, grabbing 5 rebounds and 1 block. In general “PJ Brown” type of effort, defense and toughness then he may fit in perfectly.