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Which Team Signed the Biggest Troublemaker?

Randy Hill of FoxSports.com examines the big name additions made by the league's elite teams; Lakers – Ron Artest, Magic – Vince Carter, Cavaliers – Shaq, Celtics – Rasheed Wallace.

these baggage-haulin' hotshots may be capable of altering the imbalance
of power that resulted in a Lakers title a couple months ago. Or, as a
group, they could end up doing little more than perpetuating the status

Here's what he had to say about 'Sheed:

For the record, I have faith in the ability of Garnett, Coach Doc
Rivers and Boston's other veterans to keep Rasheed focused on the task
at hand. Sure, Wallace seems unable to suppress his skill at going
cuckoo, but there may be other issues.

One potential problem is
Rasheed's frequent stubbornness relative to his role in a team's
offense. It should be noted that Wallace isn't a ball hog; he simply
has a tough time squeezing off a deep three at a really inappropriate

When he makes a three, it often is followed by a
flow-choking heat check. Wallace also has a habit of not working a
smaller foe on the low post even though he's a very good post player.

In a nutshell, he finds 'Sheed to be the least troublesome player.

I voted for Vince Carter in the Fox poll. I think he's the most likely to bitch, moan and sulk and not fit into his team's scheme.

I don't think Shaq will cause problems, but he will make the least impact out of all the guys.

Ron Artest is the most combustible. In other words, if he goes off, it will be a catastrophic event.

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  • Danno

    I agree. the only one I see bringing Benefit to the team that acquired them is Sheed.
    Shaq is just too old and too slow, and Lebron is a get out and Run type player. He’ll have the same impact on Cleveland that he had on Phoenix. They’ll go from a 1st seed to 8th seed if they are lucky.
    Artest is just plain nuts, won’t get along with anyone, especially Jackson and “Coach Kobe” and will mail it in the 2nd half of the year at best, and at worst will have a season ending blowout that gets him in trouble.
    Vince Carter is damaged goods at this point. He just can’t stay out of injury trouble. The loss of Turkoglu kills Orlando. Replacing him with Vince Carter would be like replacing Kobe Bryant with Tracey McGrady and saying the Lakers are better for it.

  • thetitleisours

    I cannot imagine Sheed not being “reborn” for at least this year. i am not worried there
    What are the deadlines for getting something done with Davis and signing Hudson?

  • It’s funny how I can tell that Chuck is at the helm today just by glancing at the posts.
    Lots of quotes, pictures from 1980’s, a couple shots at Vince Carter, and summaries of other articles.

  • Lex

    F the lakers. I’m sick of talking about them.
    As for sheed, he does make me a bit nervous. With all of his so-called intensity, he does have a propensity to take nights off.
    Having said that, if he took too many nights off last year and the year before, that should leave him with some gas in the tank for this year.
    Whatever, I sure hope he F’N HATES THE LAKERS as much as we do, cuz I can’t describe how badly I want the green to administer a beating this year.

  • Lex

    Priority list

  • Matt

    Hey, in case you haven’t heard, Shelden Williams is coming to Boston, that’s what Spears is reporting.

  • I wonder how sheldon williams signing affects big baby, they obviously play the same position, but i hope it doesn’t mean we are going to just cut baby loose
    i think that swinging a s&t of big baby for yi would make a whole lot more sense now, since yi is a different style player, and possibly a lot higher potential guy
    and if danny did that he would have added a 3rd overall pick in the draft in williams, and a 6th overall pick in yi, for absolutely nothing; then you are betting that those guys can contribute right now, and hopefully develop into what they were supposed to be when they were drafted, easing the transition after the big 3 era

  • thetitleisours

    My question is why???? Do not understand this signing

  • thetitleisours

    Does this mean Scal is going to Bird?

  • nick

    we just signed…Shelden Williams, Call me nuts, but I think this guy is a great pickup, another body to bang with Shaq and D-12, u can never have enough tough rugged players, the skill is there too, something just hasn’t clicked these past 2 years, trust me this guy is 10 times better than Patrick O’Bryant signing last year, so lets not compare it.

  • i doubt it, at this point i am seriously doubting a s&t will get done with indiana, and daniels will only get the bi annual exception

  • thetitleisours

    Who do you think we will give up? If Scal and TA are off the list will just Giddens or Walker work?
    Hate to admit would hate to lose either of those guys

  • yeah i’m sure youre going to give the lakers a beating.. just like last year when we owned you guys both games and ended your 19 game win streak, ha.
    world champion LAKERS

  • thetitleisours

    Well thanks at least being one of our less vulgar Laker posters anyway

  • f
  • celdicks
  • no just giddens or walker would not work, they dont make enough money; the only way i could see it happening is if indiana takes back tony because they really want giddens who played with granger at new mexico state
    but i think danny would rather just sign marquis rather than give up giddens for a player who is going to sign here anyway

  • Born and raised in LA, admittedly I’m a laker fan, and thus the celtics are sworn enemies. But nevertheless I love basketball, and I think thats a point we can all agree on, so here are my 2 cents.
    I think artest has the potential to be a great pickup. I was really dissapointed when we lost ariza, but I guess in the end it is a business. Yet I think with kobe and artest sharing a strange, but not unfriendly relationship, pj just being himself, and odom and artests’ knowing each other from childhood, artest probably won’t self destruct. At least not the first year.
    I also think sheed was a great pick up for the celtics. I think, similar to artest, that sheed probably won’t combust in the first year. My main concern on the celtics is going to be kg’s performance coming back off his injury.
    Shaq for the cavs, well that’ll be fun to watch I guess. If lebron and shaq are as good friends as the media seems to imply, then I’m sure there will be some good moments. I don’t know that it necessarily makes them a stronger team though.